just out of curiosity..this summer i'm taking a trip!

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    this summer my girlfriend and i will be taking a trip to michigan with her family, they stay at cabins on the indian river, RIGHT ON the river apparently, the river runs between mullet lake and burt lake, her family loves fishing for smallies and all sorts of bass, but i'm determined to catch some catfish. my question is, is there any flathead or channels of any decent size in this body of water? apparently i'll be able to do all the all night fishing i want right off the bank, but i'd love to be able to throw some live bait out and hook into a flathead while i'm there! help me out fellas, what are my chances? any particular tips?!
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    There are NO flatheads in that part of the state. There may be some channel cats, but I haven't heard of any. Saginaw Bay, however, is full of big channels. Maybe you can run down there while you are in the area. Just out of curiosity, have you fished for smallies on ultra-light tackle? An Absolute blast. Be sure and let us know if you find some catfish. Good Luck and have a good time.

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    I believe you will find some channels in both lakes, but not of any large size. they do have a good walleye population.