just one piece of advice on Flathead Catfish. Whats your best tip?

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by justaredneck, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. justaredneck

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    i caught just one flathead in my life, a 5 pounder last summer, and it wasnt the biggist fish i ever caught but for some reason i think about them night and day i have read both flathead q and a's and u are all a wealth of knowlage but if u could only give one piece of advise to people what would it be? with everything i learned i dont think breaking my pb will be a problem this year, but with yalls wisdom i hope it will be in the years to come.
  2. azcataholic

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    Hey Stephen, I understand your addiction, I got it the first of this year. IT DOES NOT GO AWAY! The guys here in Arizona have helped me but when you catch one you are satisfied for a while, but it goes away. This is the best addiction to have! My best tip////Daytime Deep w/ cover////Nighttime Shallow!

  3. katplayer187

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    you will go time after time for hours and hours somtimes and not come up with a bite or a run.. you might come up with a run and swing and miss but the best thing i can tell you is to keep trying and trying you have to be on the water to catch fish so this is the only way you will know yourself that the flats are there is to put in time.. also fish below locks and dams for these fish most people say fish the slack waters and diffrent things but big cats feed in fast moving water also!!!
  4. bw69r

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    West Newton, PA
    big baits = big fish !!!!!!!!
  5. fishnfwl

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    South Cent
    Patients, patients, and just a little longer :wink: Lake fishing or river fishing, lake I look for old creeks, river channels, and brush piles in them areas, river, I like the nastiest looken hook snatch'n logjam there is and start there..... Best thing I would tell you is, just simply remember what ya did at the time you catch one..... Also just keep it simple..... And remember the camera for that 50#'r your gonna bust this spring :wink:

    Take more than one type of BAIT
  6. katkiller77

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    dayton ohio
    Structure is very key for shovelhead log jams, low dams cement pillions near bridges, uncut cut banks in rivers, concrete piles dumped into the river, curves in the bend from river, long deep pools after rapids for bait fish, rip rap railroad tresses all these are key for catching them it has helped me from a poor flathead fisherman to average welcome to the boc good place to learn rick
  7. river scum

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    hooterville indiana
    fish close to a creek mouth after a good rain and keep your baits close to shore.

    only fresh cut or live bait too.

    man that was hard to just pick one tip! as you can see i had to toss in a second one. lol
  8. Catcaller

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    I remember many years ago when I too had a great deal of difficulty getting the hook into a flattie when I first started targeting them with rod/reel. (trotlines and limb lines are easy)

    I'm certain of one thing...there are MANY MANY factors involved here...especially so if you're targeting resivoir flatheads.

    Their behavior and tendecies are a mystery even to the fishery biologists who have studied them for years.

    I mainly target riverine flatheads...and IMO they are much easier to obtain Vs. impounded fish.

    The one biggest factor I have found is patience, persistence, and refinement of technique.

    Even those days when you don't catch anything can be learned from.

    Keeping an accurate journal can help one keep track of those days where fish were biting or not biting under particular circumstances in the past.

    Water levels and time of year are another huge factor...as is the availability of forage fish.

    Match the hatch when you fish a new water...you can't go wrong with using what the local flats are eating.

    Experimentation of various types of bait...as well as different sizes of such...will provide you with what you need to pursue...and just as importantly...what you need not pursue....and when to do either of the above.

    It's fairly easy to determine WHERE to find a flathead...as you have already demonstrated to have proven to have done...but the why and when are what you should be looking at.

    Don't overlook daylight hours for catching flathead...they don't bite just at night...contrary to popular belief! :wink:

    IMO...there are different groups of fish...that...if you will...work different "shifts"...and are consistently active during the daylight hours...the evening hours...or the overnight.

    And to some degree...I believe there is a combination of times particular fish are more active...or a "split" shift.

    Experimentation is key to figuring out your local fish and their own unique behavior that can be specific to one locale...or to a particular region.

    Just because a technique...or a bait does in fact work here in Se Kansas...just a few miles across the border... in say...nearby Missouri or Oklahoma...sometimes even on the very same river or creek...the "magic" solution can be...and sometimes is a very different proposition altogether.
  9. dinger66

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    north alabama
    well i dont know a lot about flats but structure ,deep holes, any where they can ambush their prey is a good place . one thing i do know is one of their favorite foods is crappie so find the crappie and you should and in most cases you find the flats . just my 2 cents
  10. Catcaller

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    There is truth to this statement from my experience.

    A correlation exists between crappies and flatheads co-inhabitating the same spot...and I'm not so sure that it's explicitly because flatheads eat crappie.

    All I know is that it does in fact exist...and why argue a gift horse? :cool2:
  11. catfishrollo

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    PATIENCE! And you have to put yourself in an area that holds flatheads close by. Look for a deep hole, structure either associated within the hole or above it. If there is a riffle or shallow rock area above the hole even better. Set yourself up either at the head of the hole, or below the riffle, put your livebaits out and wait! Patience! They may not show up that night, but they will be there! Patience! goodluck to ya... rollo
  12. wolfman

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    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    Hook-up with a well seasoned flathead angler, learn what you can and go from there.
  13. arkrivercatman

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    Go fishin!!:wink:
    Time on the water is the most important thing you can do.
    You gotta go and pay your dues. Big flatheads dont come easy and they sure dont come everyday.
    If something doesnt work dont be afraid to try something else.
    Aside from that I would say to try to go during the week, even if its only for an hour or two in the evening. Its alot more peaceful and you usually have the place to yourself.
    So if you can go, go!!! Thats my tip.:cool2::smile2:
  14. mankind

    mankind New Member

    ashland ky
    well lets see big bluegills and wood cover that should get you a big bite:wink:
  15. Pastor E

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    Beebe AR
    Keep your hooks in the water as many times you can In other words Fish as often as you can Not trying to be funny but think about it:go::006:
  16. lendog

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    berks, PA
    lively baits + cover = flatheads
  17. kyredneck

    kyredneck New Member

    Think positive, fish where they are, use tried and true methods and LIVE WIGGLY BAIT.
  18. Flamekeeper

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    Louisville, Ken
    Rock flats 10'or so from where it drops off into deeper water at night.
    During the day, on the drop in the deeper water out about 9-10', with a 3-5" bluegill.Is the best I can do. Because thats all I do.:smile2: Smoke-m:wink:

    OH! Most Important!! You have to have Patience like a trophy Buck hunter!!:eek:oooh::eek:oooh: Thats right, If you can't wait him out ,you will miss a chance of a lifetime..
  19. Blacky

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    Don't give, don't ever give up!"
  20. katfish ken

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    Structure: Rocks, timber and outside bends in the river or creek, Stump fields in lake at night deeper water in daytime. Lively bait:Bluegill,sucker carp,shad.Cut bait:Shad, skipjack,bluegill, and suckers. Fish More and fish more often. and PATIENCE.
    OOPs that' not 1 tip. OH WELL.