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    You'all ever have a day when you know you should've stayed home and mowed the grass, or howed the garden like momma wanted ?? Well let me tell you for sure, karma was out to get me when I decided to got cattin this weekend..I thought I'd have trouble getting my boat in the river so the neighbor I was talking to the night before, he says. "I'll be up at 6:30, so come on over and we'll put it in in the morning".. Still needing some supplies, I take off for the store, only I don't realize how late its getting.. So I pull up to the discount store, and walk in.. Grabbed a basket, and started loading up on snacks for the overnight trip.. Kept noticing it was kinda dark in the store but I figured a couple of lights had burned out, and since the check out girl was'nt in sight I figured they were some where in the back stocking.. Anyway, just as I get the last of my stuff and head for the checkout, I almost run into one of the checkout clerks, and she let out a scream you could hear a block away... Where did you come from, and how did you get in here she asked.. Well I says, I just walked in the front door and wanted to get some stuff for fishing tomorrow.. "We've been closed for a half hour"! she said... seems like one of the employes forgot to shut down most of the lights and lock the door... Needless to say, I did'nt get my supplies that night... Next morning I'm up at 5:00 to run all the way to wally world to get what I needed knowing that my neighbor was going to be ready at 6:30 .. I get what I need, get back at 6:45 and bang on the neighbors door... no answer... wait till 8:00 . bang on the door...no answer... finally at 9:15 or so I take one more look and see him in the back yard.. Found out he did'nt get to bed till about 4:00 in the morning, and that was at someone elses house...anyway, we get the boat, supplies, motor and poles to the river and I start to back out into deeper water when I scrape on a rock.. I did'nt think anything about it.. Got a half mile upstream and the shearpin gave out and no spare. Drifted back to the dock, took off the motor, carried it home, went to the local boat supply place and the counter girl didn't know what a shearpin was, didn't know where to find them if they did have them.. Finally got pin, and back on the water.. Time, 11:40... was moving along great when two boats with kids racing went by.. The wake put me up on some roots and busted ANOTHER pin...Got it fixed again and now its about 12:15.. and I got a ways to go.. I finally get up to where I was going to set a trotline next to a bridge and get my overnight camp set up... no luck.. The "speedboat kids" had a party going.. so I decide since the river is wide enough, I'll just try my luck on the other side.. got my poles rigged, turn around to get something to drink from the cooler, over compensate and fall out of the boat... Come up in 8 feet of water, push the boat to a mud bank and crawl in again.. Meanwhile the kids are asking "fall out of the boat ?" no I said I just wanted to get a depth reading... ###$@!!! Stay there for an hour, no luck.. Ask the kids if theres another gravel bar up stream they say yea, about 2 miles or so.. "can't miss it".. Fire up the motor and take off.. An hour later I still don't see the gravel bar and I really could use a fire to dry out.. Half hour later I come across what could be called a bank, get out and sink up to my knees in mud, lose a shoe, have to wade back out to wash off.. Get back in go on for another hour, still can't find a place to set camp, so I figure I'll just set my lines along some snags and see what I can do where I'm at.. Get most of the lines set and one snaps back at me and gets me in the leg.. Get it out.. Get back to shore, tie up at another downed tree, get my poles out and wait... and wait... and wait.. By now the wind has picked up bad, and its thundering in the east ..rain comes 4 seconds later..lasts 30 minutes.. Still determined to make the day worth while. I stick it out 2 more hours no luck.. Check the trotline, hung up on the snags...all bait still on.. Finally I noticed I was shaking alot more, decided it might not be a bad thing to try this on a later date..Time 5:40 pm.. Fire up the motor and head back.. Fighting the wind all the way.. Did'nt know how far I traveled until it got dark, and I had to pull out the lights to miss snags.. Finally get near the dock, over shoot, turn around and get to it.. By now I'm shaking so hard I can't walk right.. Good thing where I docked was only 3 blocks from my house.. Get in the house, momma takes one look and grabs me a blanket, tells me to get out of the wet clothes, and goes to make me a hot drink..Time about 9:20 pm...Get warmed up, dry cloths, went back for my boat and supplies before the local kids could find it..

    Now its Monday morning .. Got the grass mowed, garden howed, and mommas flowers fixed.. And in the back of my mind, I'm thinking wonder if I should've tried that feeder creek on my way back... true story...
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