Just one of them days

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Welder, Dec 23, 2009.

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    I hunted hard monday. Seen 8 deer. Not a shot fired. Well got in the stand a hr before light and sat nice and still till 9:30 am was good and froze. Got out and headed for the exploder about a half a mile up hill out of the bottom I was hunting. Get to the top of the first bench in the corner of a feild 3 of em blow all does and dive right into the cedar thicket on the fence line. Ok cool it happens. I get up to the suv by the house of the property owner and pop the 209 primer out of the muzzle loader. Hear a deer blow and look 2 bucks 1 a nice 8 point about 75 yards away @ a wood line. Standing their looken @ me like I am a idiot. I fumble to get a cap back in about the time I do they blow and go racen into the bottom. Now I am purbed. Round 2, I come back about 2 pm and climb in the stand. I hear the loudest racket in the brush line by the creek off to my right branches snapping ect. Thinken thats gota be that 8 point. About dark I am still sitting. I notice 3 does up the hill in a fence line clearing 250 yards away headed down slow. When the racket in the brush starts back up and out pops 10 300lb or so angus calves. ARGGGGGGGG the farmer next door has feeder claves out. They mill around and then lay down in the bottom the does up hill decide to stay up hill and I am chewen nails madd. Well I wait till dark and head out. Stop in and let the land owner know they got cows loose on their property seems the farmer next door wont put a fence up @ the creek being a arse. So it was a fine day of deer hunting even if I wannted to :beat_brick: :doubt:. Such is hunting :smile2:
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    I can feel your pain,,,, Been trying to swat an elk around here,, and there's so much hunting pressure,, they're only feeding and moving during the dark.
    Rained yesterday, and got everything softened up and quieted ,, and, all I can see is where they've been during the night..
    Only other alternative,, is to put my KaBar in my teeth and go into the thickets after them..,,, :crazy:

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    it is still better than a good day at work :smile2::smile2::smile2:
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    That sux! I have had those days also! I wouldve tried to track that 8 pointer after you seen him. That would have been enough to get my blood pumping and warm me up.
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    you got that right