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    There has been a lot of talk about weather one or another fishing method should be stopped. For the sake of the fish.
    A lot of opinions from folks that do not have the training to make those decisions.
    You and me (we) do not have the REAL numbers as to how the fisheries are holding up. But those numbers are being kept by real professionals. The Wildlife biologists employed by the state of Iowa. The DNR. Its their job to warn of low fish numbers, unhealthy conditions, and to penalize those who do not follow the laws and those who through carelessness pollute our rivers.

    There are just too many variables that constitute fishermens opinions.

    As a side note
    I had the opportunity to chat with the winner of a local tournament the other day.
    We talked about baits and hook sizes and where the shad were hanging out and things like that.
    What I really got out of our conversation was his ability to use the electronics on his boat is what won the tournament for him.
    GPS put him right on the spot where the big fish hang out. Its a good spot so when you take out one big one another will take the spot. The big fish get the best spots.
    Simple and effective.

    Thats just my opinion

    Have a good 1
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    I really dont think the dnr anywhere does thier jobs as good as they should . Sure you might know a few that try thier best . I do believe that a fish will take the spot of another , but with the sport of catfishing becoming more popular it has to be putting a hurt on the population of the big ones as they are being taken from the waters .

    I could really give a rats a$$ who does what legal or not . You could fish with dynomite for all I care just as long as I aint out there why you do it ...lol .

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