just my luck lol

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    well guys. got off work at 10 and was heading home made it about 3-3.5 miles out side of great bend so i s till had 5.5-6 miles to get home and my truck ran out of gas. walked the 3 or so miles back to great bend, woke gus up and called my ol man, who was just fixin to come get me. cop seen me right outside of town, and i tole him i ran out of gas and was going to have my buddy cal my dad. cop just said ok and drove off, never even offerd me a ride lol:sad2: anyway made it to gus's at 11 25 and made it home with my dad at 12 15 after we put gas in my truck. just though id let you all know gus wasnt mad and says hi to tom lol:smile2: well im off to bed