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Just loaded up with Power Pro

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Decided to give power pro a chance, first time using braid of any kind.
I just want to make sure im not forgetting anything.

The rod and reel is a 8' shakespeare protouch spinning rod with a abu 6500c3 that I use a tall bobber with. The line is 150yds of 65 pounds and went on smoother than any other line ive used.

Ive put a layer of electrical tape around the spool and loaded it on. I passed the line thru the bobber, sinker ... and tied off to a barrel swivel. Im going to use a 17 or 20 pound mono leader. Ive already tied a bobber stopping knot on the power pro with mono so all ive got to do is put my leader on.

Am I forgetting anything or does anyone have any tips. Ive read about braid eating guides and cutting into spools so im kind of worried about that.
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I've been using it for two seasons now and have seen no problems with my rods or reels. Give it a chance, I think you will enjoy it.

ps. Don't wrap it around your hand and try and break the leader if you get hung up...........will cut the tar out of you, use a stick or something like that.
I use it and like it . But a couple tips , when reeling in keep tension on line and watch it, it will load up on baitcasters at times. Also after fighting a fish before I rebait I cast as far as possible and then pull off line until I get it free. It tends to dig into itself with pressure on it or against the drag. Also if using a mono leader , if you notice mono getting kinked/twisted put on new leader . If the two lines ever get twisted together you'll pull your hair out tryin to get it undone. The color fades fairly quickley, I dont know if it matters , but you can color it with a permanent marker and it will last a good while. I use 20 - 30 lb. mono leader , then if hung usually just lose the leader/hook not the weight. Be carefull if you get hung good , as the other guy said if you get in a hurray it will hurt ya!! been there done that more than once . Also be sure to set drag as you would for your regular line just not too tight or you maybe shopping for new rod . It has almost no stretch, no problems with guide damage, like spiderwire used to do.

Good - Luck,
WKYCatman :0a26:

One more thing I've had good results using mono as a backing instead of the tape . That way your spool will be full without using as much power pro.
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Sounds like im ready to go fishing. BTW ive cut myself using mono before too so ill definetly wrap the line around something. I usually tie several leaders before I go fishing and swap them out after two or three fish, depending on size and cover im fishing in.

Im glad to hear you guys say you havent had much problems with the guides, thats why I chose power pro over other braids.
I have almost 300 yards of yellow 50lb power pro on a abu 6600cl. It hasnt started to slip yet like my spiderwire does. But I also have the whole spool filled with it. It doesnt seem to dig in like spiderwire either.

What kind of knots are the best for connection the mono backing to the braid. And what size mono would be best for backing?
In my box of power pro it came with instructions with diff. knots to use, I think they said uni to uni or the albright or reverse albright. I couldnt even begin to describe it with words though. I think the albright is for mono of larger diameter.

If you did a search im sure you can find pictures of them.
If I am using 50 lb. Power Pro I like to use a heavy mono backing such as Berkley Big Game 50lb. test, just in case I get spooled that far. I also use 50lb. or heavier leaders. I wouldn't want to have to depend on 20lb. mono as backing unless I was using 20lb. Power Pro and fishing for channel cats. When you get snagged up and can't pull in whatever you are snagged on and your knots are tied correctly you can have your choice of which line you want to break. Of course I always break the leader and I only lose my hook and leader. To break your heavy mono leader; wrap your Power Pro around a wooden dowel rod (I always carry a short dowel in my back pocket) 4 or 5 times and leave some slack line going to your reel so you won't damage your reel, walk straight back very slowly with your rod pointed at the snag so your rod is not bending or doing any of the work, your 50lb. mono leader will stretch and snap before the 50lb. Power Pro, if you let your rod bend and give it a very swift jerk your expensive Power Pro has no stretch and snaps before the leader will. I have seen fisherman wrap the Power Pro around their reel a few times but I have also seen some of the reels with sharp edges snap the Power Pro, I don't take any chances of losing my Power Pro so I always use the dowel rod. For connecting the mono backing to the baitcasting reel I use an arbor knot, for attahing a thicker diameter mono to the thinner Power Pro I use an Albright knot, for attaching the 250lb. rated swivel after my sinker I use a double Palomar, I started out using a single Palomar and had the Power Pro slip and the knot come loose, no trouble since the double Palomar, keep your line straight with no twists or it will be really hard to tighten down if it is twisted, makes it much easier to tighten and easier on the hands if you have a glove handy to tighten down the double Palomar. At the end of the swivel is my heavy mono leader and hook tied on with a single Palomar wetted down before the knot is pulled tight, if the mono leader is curled up after tightening, it is because I didn't get it wet enough or had it twisted so I start over until it is straight, snug and no curls.
Link to Power Pro Knots
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Yep, double palomar is the way to go. I tie a couple of overhand knots behind that too, just to ease my mind.
I use power pro on the bottom at the dam, here in WIsconsin, on the biggest river next to the Mississippi....Myself, cut about two feet off of it (80lb Power Pro), and throw on a 4 ounce Bank Sinker, and a bead, then I take the the leader, and tie a 40lb Barrel Swivel on it, and and then tie the other end of the swivel onto the main line....all palomar knots, so I have to watch the order, cause then you're screwed cause you tied it backwards and then got to start all over again...after that, I tie on a 7/0 Daichi bloodhook on it, and throw out a 5 to 6 inch Mooneye....toss it out, and let it sit....Fun times, and tight lines all night, til it clicks, and rip it in...I use that on a 10'6" Daiwa Downrigger with a Daiwa Millionaire 300S which holds almost 260 yards of that 80lb Test....The only reason for such a long rod, is to be able to pull your weight UP and not across....You can reach out and grab it with out snagging.....On my other rod, its a 7' Catfsh Ugly stick with a baitcaster on that also, same set up, but with a 50lb mono leader, and sometimes, a 3-way to just break off your weight or whatever...It works great, I love thge power pro, but like anyother SuperBraid, its abrassion is the factor, mono is such more stronger for the beatin' on the rocks and such...Hope this helps, take care.....
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Whiskers4life, if you are using all Palomars you can tie them in any order you prefer. If you tie the swivel to your mainline first you can tie a leader on afterwards. Just startout tying a Palomar to your swivel and after you have the overhand knot completed pass the end of your leader and the tag end of the overhand knot at the same time through the overhand knot and tighten it down. If you didn't already have a hook tied to the end of your leader you can tie it on with a Palomar now. Only thing I have to remember is snell my octopus hooks to the leader before tying the leader to the swivel with a Palomar. Abu
True Abu, I see how that would work...I never thought of that I guess, thanks..........Hey Derbycity, heres a link for some fishing knots..... Hope you like......... :know-big:
I finally got to do some fishing with my new Power Pro. Not much of a test though but it did cast better than my berkley big game line. I caught 2 channels about 4-5lbs a piece. I had to pull these fish through lillypads and it worked great. Cant wait to get a blue or flattie on adn then see how I like it.LOL
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