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Discussion in 'KANSAS RIVERS TALK' started by Joe4BigCats, May 21, 2008.

  1. Joe4BigCats

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    Manhattan, Kans
    I've been fishing at the spillway here in Manhattan, Kansas for the last 3 week's and the fishing... Well, let's just say hasn't been that great... I've tried every bait I can and the biggest was a 3 pound channel.. Where are all the Big one's...?? Is the water to cold still..??
  2. River_monster91

    River_monster91 New Member

    central kansas
    im in the same boat as you. biggest ive caught this year is 3lbs. but my uncle did catch a 7lb channelcat. i still think the water is a little cool for this time of the year compared to past years. from my guesstimating id say the fish are getting ready to spawn. by the end of the month the should have some bigger fish out and running about. just keep fishing and you will get ahold of a biggun soon. good luck and tightlines.

  3. uttatoo

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    greatbend kansas
    when we where up there last it was only 62deg and only caught 2 the biggest being 36lbs so just hold on the water will warm up a bit the next couple of weeks