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Just learning

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Hello all!! My name is Craig and i live in St.Joseph, MO. I just recently started fishing for big blue cats in the Missouri River this summer. I have been in 6 touneys and same guy has one all of them with huge blue cats. He had a 285lb stringer of 7 fish in one of them. I am looking for help on how to locate these big blues and any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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7 of them at 40 pounds each Rough, I'd follow that guy around!
I think that you should follow that guys
I am not real knowledgable about blues, but check the old b.o.c. site as there is tons of info there. Other than that hang on and I am sure you will get some good tips here before long. That guy is kicking butt. I would sure be following him around too and maybe buy him a 6 pack or something as I would be happy to catch one fish that size a year let alone half a dozen at one tourney!
If you want to catch big blues,the best bait for them is big peices of fresh cut bait,By nature blues are big river fish so your best bet to find them is go to the big rivers in your area.They prefer clearer, faster water than other cats, and are usually found over a hard sand or gravel bottom.Blues are less likely to be found in slow, turbid waters then other catfish, but they are adaptable.Large blues love shad,herrring and other schooling baitfish so thats what you should use for you cut bait.I love fishing for blues and my biggest to date is 38 pounds, hope this helps brother.If you have any questions PM me i will be more then willing to help yah out.
Go talk to the guy and ask him questions. What kind of boat does he have. Might know him.
I think that I would be following that guy around. But the above statement is all true about the cut bait just hang in there and experience and practice is the key to success. Many hours of trial and error and you will be the cat man you want to be!
Fresh Cutbait is the deal and blues do prefer more current than flatties. I would look for eddies slightly out of the current. I love a good Catfight.
I'm with Southern on that one. Big blues will kill cut bait! Although I caught a twenty five pounder two weeks ago on a live goldfish, I would try cut bait first like skipjack or shad. Good Luck!! ;)
Welcome to the catfish club Craig!
I like to use bait that is natural to their environment. Look for log jams, boulders or some type of cover. You can catch some large blues in the winter. The blues will be heading to the deeper pools of water and they will be just below a school of bait fish. I would recommend using a fish finder for finding the schools of fish.
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