just got back from as raysplay says Pond hopping

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    We got into one of our spots thinking that is was yet again was going to be slow :sad2:with all the changes the weather has done didn't figure the stars were going to be aligned in the catfish catching connection but goodness, they i figure finally got hungry! LOL got two really good keepers in one spot and 2 other ones in another. Just so ya know if it is 1 or 2 pounds we do not keep them unless they are injured.....We caught and released safely 15...Got four keepers and had a wonderful day along with the fact the weather was totally wonderful......:roll_eyes: The wind blew a bit and the temp was down and boy it was nice today. Hopefully you all had some of the wonderful weather like we had. Had a great conversation with a guy that just got back from middle east trying to keep us safe. He was from Minnosota. Raysplay and him switched off fishing stories and chatted about the different types of fish from there to here. Did i say it was a great day? LOL Nice to know there is folks over there that really care about us huh?:wink:
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    Sounds like you guys had a really great time :tounge_out: