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Just found out My Daughter is going to get married on the 9th

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As you Know I'm going to be a Pappy in august. I just got informed she is getting married On the 9th of July.
Not sure how I feel about this now thats its going to happen. He is not my kind of cat but then again, He is young and Loves My Daughter and show My wife and I respect. If ask him to help me, He is right there and jumps right in.
Guess He might be a little like me. He is different, I was too. My Father in laws wanted to kick my Arse and I have wanted to do that. difference is I was willing to fight and told them so. He doesn't want to fight me. Not sure if thats a sign of respect or Fear. Not of me but, No one screws with E's Dad. They will get the wrath of both of us, And thats no place to be.
I guess I should be happy. Just feels like I'm loosing. Ya I'm new at this but, I only have one Daughter. Guess pay backs are hell. My Father in law didn't like me much either, God rest his soul.
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