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    Does anyone know of any lake where the striper population was thriving, say, 25-30 years ago, and there was a strong population of large flatheads and blues ? Everyone is complaining that the stripers at Kerr Lake are not nearly the size they were years ago, back when there wasn't any flats or blues present. No matter how they stock it, they just wont seem to grow as big as they used to. Some of the biologists are saying that the cause is the lack of colder water temps. They're blaming it on global warming. The fishermen are blaming a crew of gillnetters who were caught and convicted years back. I've never heard of the flats and blues being blamed but common sense tells you that they could possibly be a contributing factor. Does anyone have a link to any research on this subject ?

    Thanks Mack, for bringing this subject up, is is definitely something to ponder !

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    I dont think that the catfish alone hurt the stripers. I think its more a combination of many different things...(yes overfishing included). Those growth charts you see for striped bass will vary from one Lake to the next depending on the quality of the fishery. Bryan if you really want to talk to someone who knows alot about this and has had hands on experience with the research contact Warren Turner with the Striped Bass Conservation Coalition. They did a study at Santee last year. Hope this helps.