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    Folks, I just moved in over the winter, as was wondering if anyone knew of some good places close here in Bellevue, NE. Want Big Cats, and there's a lot of river. Ventured down today along the 370 bridge ( Nebraska Side) and didn't really see many great places. Found 1 wing dam on the Nebraska side but it looks nearly impossible to fish, or at least get one out of there without a boat. Anyone willing to devulge some information about fishing here on the river (Nebraska side) , and any particular bait. I mainly like to use nice (Sun Seasoned) chicken livers, and night crawlers, but seems alot like to use cut bait.

    Any information / point in the right direction, would be great help, and save me a little pain, but I know how it is. Once you find a good hole, it's not something you give out.:wink:

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    Vian Okla
    Welcome to the BOC. Don't know much about the water you are talking, but if you get to NE Okla. I can help you.