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    Bare with me a little, I'm gonna ramble a bit.

    Over the course of this year, i've really gotten my eyes opened by a lot of ya here in Pa. There was a time when I though that nobody really enjoy fishing for the cats from the Pa State. At least around me, everything fishing related was always about the trout, or the Bass and Walleye up on the Susky. Ocassionally you would here of people catfishing and Striper fishing up on Raystown lake. But that was about it.

    the Pa section of the BOC has really taken off with a lot of people from all over the state that are just as passionate if not more about fishing for the cats as I am. While I've mainly fished Maryland waters as most of you know with respect to my location. A lot of you have helped me indirectly and directly, to open up my fishing in Pa. This year alone, I've made it to Quite a few placess along the Susky, Started targetting Flatheads to a limited extent, even got a respectable PB 26#er earlier this fall, on the advice of Joe and tan to take the prime gills I got for channels and go hit Lake Aldred.

    I've fished new waters like Goldsboro, Great channel cat waters a couple times, up at Duncannon for a day of spring channels on a last minute whim and even caught a couple nice channels up there. Even took a trip up to Blue Marsh this past summer and scouted the waters for a day and caught a couple channels. While I've fished Conowingo and lake Aldred last year, I've really enjoyed fishing it for the flatheads this year on more then a few occasions. Next year should be even more fun. Might even take a day or so this next year and head out to the western part of the state with boat in tow and try my luck out there on the rivers.

    You all are responsible for opening me up to new things here in Pa. The ever growing group of fishermen here in Pa is turning out to be something special. From the guys, Tan, Ken, and the rest who bank fish the Skuke, to the guys with boats like Joe, Lenny, John(NPT), Even the old timers like Skammer and his friends, always enjoy their reports. Jim has really started fishing for the flatheads regularly and it will pay off in the future. Pat, Scott, Brian and the rest of those guys out in the western part of the state, always good hearing whats new and exciting in their world.Mike(ste6168) transplated to Maryland, but has still remained apart of the Pa Gang. Saro totally has been on fire with some of the flatheads he's caught this year. and so many others, I haven't mentioned.

    Next year should even be better and I'm sure there will be a bunch of guys getting together for those excusions in the future. Keep up the good work guys, your putting the Pa state on the map for catfish. We might not have those 100# flatheads and blues, but your showing people that Pa does have some really dedicated catfishermen, just the same!!!

    Thanks :)
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    berks, PA
    that is very true mike, i've fished with several BOC members (close ta 10) and it's alway great fishin with other people with the same passion for big cats. and gettin fellow members on their first flattys was awesome and very cool ta be a part of. this was my first full year targeting flatty's and first blue cat trip and its sad ta see this season coming to an end soon. i'm sure next year i'll be fishin with several members i've fished with this year and a few new ones as well. there really is alot of greats waters in our state and just as many great members. thats one of the things that makes this site so great. and give it a few years and i'm sure you'll see some 50#'ers will be common :wink:
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    That was some good stuff fellas. Thanks for the great post Pip. Maybe next year we can hit Aldred together.
  4. Thanks Mike for that post, and thank all you PA guys. We are making a statement that PA catfishermen are the BEST!!
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    Great post Pip! :cool2: I enjoyed reading it! :big_smile:
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    you forgot one other person Mike.... yourself. always look forward to reading your stuff.
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    Mount Joy,
    As someone fairly new to the board allow me to say that I agree whole-heartedly with what you are saying about the Pennsylvania catfishermen. The willingness to give of themselves in an honest caring about everyone's success far surpasses all the other states. Also from what I've noticed you are a big part of that. Thank you for all that you do to help everyone you come in contact with. Cudos to you sir!

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    You guys are a great crowd and Ive always liked you folks : )

    Ya'll keep up the great work around here.....maybe one day we can all have the chance to shake hands ; )

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    Philadelphia, P
    This is an awesome thread, Pip!

    If you guys were carp, trout, or bass fisherman, I would NEVER have a reason to ever look at you!:wink::smile2: The greatest thing about the PA board is the catmen here back up their talk. We are not the ones sitting on our couches and porches and ramble about catfishing, we actually go out there and fish and share with each other and I think that sets us apart form other states.

    We all might be of different ages, size, and race, but the most important thing in common is that We Love our Catfish!:big_smile: I wouldn't even dare to meet a chick over the internet, but would have no problem meeting up with one of you strangers here.:wink:

    I do my best on giving advice and giving a heads up on what's going on down the river. Although I might not have had the chance to fish with many of you, I hope there will be opportunities in the very near future. I enjoy cyber-fishing with all you guys.
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    Lets not forget that Pa. also boarders the great state of "NEW JOISY" LOL!
  11. Yah, and you and Mike (Brownie525) are the only fisher brothers keepin that state thread afloat!!! LMAO! Good job guys!:wink:
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    Berks coun
    Thanks Pip for the post and for mentioning my PA brothers I have had the priveledge of fishing with a few of them and least meeting a few guys from here and it is nice to talk to and spend time with someone that shares the same passion for fishing that you yourself have Good fishing to ya Pip and the rest of you BOC ers:wink:
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    Good post Pip. Its nice to see the PA board growing:big_smile:. Catfisherman are my kind of people. I hope to chase some whisker fish with some new and old BOC members this year and next.
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    Thanks Pip.For some reason Pa. people seem to always help each other.Even though we hate each other when it's football,baseball and hockey:wink:.You have done enough to help us that many thanks go out to you.
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    miamisburg, oh
    Great post Pip, PA has one of the best groups of catmen here
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    Really good stuff man. Next year will be one to remember i am positive. hope to bump into some of you guys next season


    Great post Pip,aint it the truth.If I would have known there were this many good fishing brothers in the state,I would have broke down and bought a computer before this year!:roll_eyes:.It,s been a pleasure fishing with the BOC brothers I have fished with.We gotta get our stuff together over the winter and have a meet.I plan on fishing with more of you guys this coming year if I can scrape the gas money together.:cool2:.
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    I would like to thank ALL you B.O.C. ers.. Some of you helped me thru pms and All from me reading the post. I personally didn't have many post,only because I didn't catch anything worth posting. I caught Flats this year,mainly out with Jim, but he seemed to have the luck of getting the bigger ones. THAT WILL CHANGE NEXT YEAR.:angry: But by reading these post every day and seeing the closeness of the Brotherhood makes me read every day and puts the WANT into going after that biggen.

    THANKS TO ALL!!:wink::big_smile::0a31:
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    PA got it going on GREAT THREAD