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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by pk_powell, Sep 20, 2006.

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    I am gonna stay off for a day ot two. I got myself a rather nasty pm I won't mention names.I will say that my feelings have been extremely hurt to the point I am struck speechless. I hope and pray this is not yanked by the staff.I feel if this a family site,then I owe some sort of explanation. I hope I am not being offensive to anyone but I feel a little like I need to defend myself. I have tried to be friendly and loving to ya all.I have been told I need professional help(please staff don't yank this I mean no harm) that someone was gonna lose their cool with me. I am very sorry that I have come off like I hate certain ones on this board. This is totally unequivically false as also the opinion that I need the help of a professional. If I could please say this. To the person who said this to me..............You do not know me personally nor I you. I wish only the best for each and everyone of ya. I wish you all to have Love,peace,lots of friends, and all the good life has to offer. Your pm sir shattered me in that I am a person who wears her heart on her sleeve and so I was not prepared for your pm. You are most welcome however to your opinion of me. My husband has asked that I step away from the plate so I am for a day or two. anyone who pm.s me will always recieve a courteous answer.I apologize from the bottom of my heart if I have said or done anything that has made you angry.I only make this post because this is suppose to be a family site and I wanted you to know where I was. Thank you for allowing me this time. I ask the staff once again to please allow this post thank you very much! Pat Powell
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    Pat not sure what happend but you have been great with me. You will always run into people that like to argue for the sake of arguing. Also some will like to knock ya just to make themselves feel better.

    Keep your head up and I'll pray for you and your family.


  3. Katmaster Jr.

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    I have never seen any of your post to be offensive or seen how they could offend anyone, don't let it get to you too much, because there is always someone no matter where you go....take care.
  4. laidbck111

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    Pk, I have no idea what you are refering to but you have always been ok in my book. I hope you will rejoin us when you have recovered from your "wound".
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    Toughen up a little, get some spine, It'll go a long way.
    Talk it over with someone that you think will help. I had a problem and I talked it over with someone, I named no names at all, but just to get the situation out there really helped alot. You're a great person and I appreciate ya alot. You do whatever you feel like ya gotta do, but deal with this problem head on. Just get it out of the way, if you feel like you're being attacked, take it to the Mods, send them all the private messeges and all. I have found out first hand that there are some real jerks out there...Hang in there girl, it'll be alright. If ya need a leaning post..Im here:big_smile:
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    Hey lady ,I see no reason for anyone to take offense towards you . Hang in there,take your time ,and come back . We can't make everyone happy , that is just a a fact of life , part of being a family is the diagreements . Look forward to seeing you back .
  7. Ardiva

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    Pat...have you reported the PM to Paul or DH yet? I think that would be the route to go, no?
  8. FishMan

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    Don't leave..............if you leave he or whoever it is wins. You have done nothing wrong. I will tell you this. When you make it known, as you do, your feelings toward God you can expect to be attacked. It has always been so and always will be so. Stay strong...stay on...stay long.
  9. Dano

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    No need to run off. Stuff happens.
    You have not hurt a sole. All post above, has said things well.

    Have some fun. Its good for the body. :smile2:

    Go catch a fish and post a pick with a catfishing story.:roll_eyes:
  10. lawnman61

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    Pat, don't fret it much, some people just like hurting others and you should just report it to the mods or whom ever to get this handled properly. Don't let them scare you off the BOC, like you said, this is a family site and we will be here for you sis.
    Come back with pride girl, you are always welcome here on the BOC/SOC.

  11. Dave L

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    Sis, you don't need to go any where, you have a lot of big brothers and sisters here to take care of you. Just cause some jerk said some bad stuff, is no reason to run and hide. Remember the old saying, sticks and stones..... you know what I mean.
    I always look forward to your kind words to all members new and old, you treat all like family and I like that. I am sure others will agree.
    Were here for you sis.
  12. Ace

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    Sister just want you to know that all of us will be praying for you.Every thing will be ok.If you need to talk just send me a pm.Your brother in Christ Ace.


  13. Angelkitty

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    Please don't go. I have read some of your post. You really seem like a good person, in other words we have never meet and I hope one day we do. Hold ur head high and keep that pretty smile. Ignore those who wants to make it upside down.
  14. LiquidSteel

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    PK, please dont go. Whoever is bothering you, just put them on your ignore list. And a little back bone never hurt anyone, no disrespect intended to you. I like to read your posts, and I value your opinion.

  15. chattycatty

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    Pat, I'm so sorry to hear that someone in our family has brought strife to your life. I hope you take the advice of a lot of us hear and choose not to go anywhere. Doing that only makes whoever it was believe that they are right or justified in saying what they did. I agree that you should report it to the moderators and let them decide from there what should be done. I know from experience that they are very fair and extremely discreet in these matters. I'm not sure who it was but we can only pray for them and hoep that it is just a case of "having a bad day" on their part. I have never seen any of your posts that were offensive. IMO it is okay to disagree with someone over something that was said, but to verbally abuse someone is another matter. I hope this does not discourage you and hope you will stay here, as I feel you are one of the sisters on here that is truly just what they say they are - a hardworking Christian woman who believes what she believes. I admire that in you. I will pray for you and your situation, but remember. The good on here outweigh the bad tenfold. Keep the faith, sister!
  16. MRR

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    P.K.I have no idea what has happened,but I do know that you are a very strong person(can tell by your posts) so don't let some jerk get to you. hold your head up( fight girl fight.)I you leave they win and I can't see you letting this person do that. Besides you have to stay on here and keep us informed as to how you and your husband are doing health wise. So please sister (DO NOT LEAVE .Were here for you and will stand behind you in this fight. I know you respect your husbands wishes but I really hope that he will reconsider his wish of your bowing out for awhile .
    Even though we have never meet face to face we are family and family sticks together. GOD BLESS and STAY SAFE!!
  17. loanwizard

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    PK, You really don't need to stop visiting us. You might however, opt out of HI for just a tad though. There are subjects talked about that evoke very strong emotions, a lot of them not good emotions. You must have a VERY strong knowlege of yourself and be 100% secure in your belief. Believe me I have taken a lot of grief and emotionally have been where you are. It's gonna be alright, and I bet if you and the person who wrote you that pm ever met, you would see each other in a completely different light. Remember when you said you didn't like me? :wink: That cat thing and all? Well just as your opinion of me changed so might you and the pmer.
    All it takes is a hug.

    Hang tough there girl.
  18. jdstraka

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    PK Love Ya Sis.!! You Know when We step out of the lime light and out in the croud We open ourselves up tp some Jerks that are going to take a shot at us once and awhile. And thats OK cause it just makes us a little stronger in the long run. woulden't it be nice in this old world if that wasen't the case, but We both know that it's not going to happen.So We just consider the source and thats there Problem not Ours! I for one need You here at the BOC and would be Sadly sorry to se You change just to make that one person Happy!! Your BOC.Brother J.D.Straka
  19. Ol Man

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    pk, it appears to me that the insensitive person that pm'd you should be the one to "back off". Apparently he/she has the problem...~~~~~~~~~~
    Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.
  20. dreamcatcher

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    Pat, I read your other thread and I am glad that you are hanging around. Don't let a negative PM (A.K.A. snake in the grass) deter you from contributing to this fine forum. Some people out here are just starving for attention; don't feed them with your misery. I can understand how you may want to sincerely share information on your beliefs, but you already know that people are going to try and trample on your pearls, especially in the high intensity area. You can be as cordial as you like with your religious approach, and it won't do any good. Like Shawn said, you might want to step away from it, but that is your call to make. Godspeed in your future approach, and always consider the source of your discontent...:smile2:

    Take care,