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Discussion in 'Boat Safety' started by crusinman2002, Aug 22, 2007.

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    Mukwonago, Wisconsin
    hey yall... just figured i would shout out a reminder.
    its nearing fall and the fishing is goin to be getting crazy again, and everyone is goin to be rushin to get out and get on the action, so before it gets crazy everyone should check and double check all saftey gear.

    here is a little checklist:
    1. pfd's. make sure u got enough plus a couple extra, and make sure that
    you have your throwable if you need one, and make sure that none
    of them have any rips, tears, or holes.
    2. fire extingusher: make sure its not out of date and that it is properly
    serviced and in easy reach.
    3. horn or air horn: make sure that the boat horn works, or if all you have is
    an air horn, make sure it hasn't been used yet.
    4. flares: have at least 3, make sure they are dry and not out of date.
    make sure they are in a watertight container along with the gun.
    5. radio: weather it be handheld or a full unit in the boat, make sure the
    batteries are good and that it works.
    6. first aid kit: not required, but really nice to have. make sure its stocked up
    7. survival kit: you never know whats goin to happen or when its goin to
    this kit should inluded: warm dry clothes, rain poncho,
    matches, water purifier tablets (makes lake or river water
    drinkable), plastic cup, small fryin pan, camping silverware
    kit (fork, spoon, knife), a nice sharp knife, whistle or air
    horn, flare kit, more matches or a lighter. area map and a
    compas, handheld radio with extra batteries, flashlight with
    extra batteries, anything else you can think of that could save
    your life.
    this kit should be packed in a watertight container seperate
    from everything else, and one that floats and has a rope on
    it would be prefered. all of this can be picked up at the local
    walmart, and is a cheap investment.

    anything else anyone wants to add to the list is encouraged, i just figured i would remind yall to check it all out and make sure its all there and usable before it does start to get crazy fishing time. we all know how we get when the fishing is hot, just hook the boat up and lets go
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    I'd suggest adding either a two-way radio or a cell phone, with batteries fully charged. For the cell phone, I'd suggest keeping that inside a waterproof bag, just in case.

    -- Rich

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    Thanks for the reminder, Kennith.