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Discussion in 'LOCAL ARKANSAS TALK' started by whisker maniac, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. whisker maniac

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    A friend of mine told me the other day that the little pond I used to fish has opened back up into an RV Park.

    This is the area that had the little 6 acre pond that is full of blue cats that I used to fish.

    Apparently the new owner just gated it so he could work on it and clean it up to reopen as a rv park.

    I might be able to fish it again. Gonna have to take some time and drive over there and talk to the owner and see if anyone can go in there and fish or if we have to pay a fee to fish it.
  2. puppypal

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    Sheridan, Ar
    You have a sweet spot that you can grab a pole and go to! MAN! Congrats to ya for possibly gettn' yours back!

  3. poisonpits

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    go get em kev just remember be nice.
  4. CntryCrazy

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    Pine Bluff, Arkansas
    Hey Kevin, sounds like you and I might have a fishing trade to the nice, little fishing hole you have around the Rv park. Haven't forgot about getting you to Fordyce to Tri-County. Fishing is picking up but will be better in October and November around hunting season. Always good to have a lake in your backyard when the deer aren't moving. Chris B will be back in November from Iraq. We'll have to hook up and go
  5. fishstick

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    Fouke, Arkansas
    those blues have gotten fat and lazy by now kev----i had a neighbor dug a pond once and i put some tiny channels in it right after it filled up with water. he later stocked it with bass and bluegills. well after three years i went and fished it one day for bass. i had a plastic worm and was standing on the dam fishing in the deep water and i caught a hog. fought him for awhile and got him to bank and it was about a 15 lb blue cat. i guess one of the small cats i put in there must have been a blue. he sure did some growing in that pond. i released him and we moved away from there the next year. thats been about 6 yrs ago. i'll bet that blue is a real whopper now if someone hasnt caught him.