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    Yesterday for my birthday the wife planned a fishing trip with me and the kids, got on the water at 11am or so so didn't expect much catfish action until dusk so we dunked some worms in the shallow water. Caught a really nice smallmouth about 5 mins after we got there. After that it got kinda slow with only a sucker and a couple squawfish.

    I ended up using the sucker for cutbait and got two good bites right at dusk. We couldn't stay to try at night but i think i found a new spot for evening catfish. Kinda embarrasing but i haven't caught a single catfish this year and i think it is because i wasn't trying different spots and was kinda stuck in a rut. Found this site and learned that you got to mix it up a little to find some fish.

    Thanks for all the information here i will post again soon with some catfish pics!

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    Zach - Welcome to the B.O.C.! :0a25: :0a23: Happy B.Day to you and nice to see someone representing the Northwest part of the country. Lot's of good people on this site so jump and enjoy! :big_smile:

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    Zach, Welcome to the BOC!, those are some nice fish.