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    Original post made by Jerry Trew(Jtrew) on July 14, 2003

    Here is a very rough sketch of a jumpbox. Please note that I didn't draw as many slots as you would probably have, and the slots are supposed to be vertical, not whopperjawed like in the sketch.
    You can store your trotlines in the jumpboxes if you like. I have seen them made with the sides sloping out a little so they would stack better. I have also seen them stacked with a single long, long trotline. When the trotline is paying out, just be sure to keep the side it is paying out from turned toward the trotline so it won't snag anything. If you'd like to try a jumpbox once or twice before going to the trouble of actually making some, you can cut cardboard boxes so that the sides are about 2" high and cut slits in the sides with a knife. Unless it's raining, or you drop it in the water, the cardboard jump box will last one or two trips, giving you an idea whether or not you want to make some out of wood.