Jugs and the Thermocline

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by e5catfish, Sep 11, 2007.

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    I just went juggin over the weekend and was a little disappointed at the results. I set 50 jugs, caught 9 cats, all small. I set 6 footers and 12 footers. Six of the cats were on 12's and 3 on 6's. The thermocline was at 31 feet. The weather conditions were excellent as far as moon phase, pressure, windy, wind direction, cloudy, rainy, steady temps etc.. No bigger cats showed up, all small, most favored the deeper jugs. I had 18's with me but didn't figure I needed them since the weather was nice with no cold front to drive 'em deeper.

    Looking back, I now think I should have done what the books say and fished the thermocline. I should have used 12's, 18's, and even 25's. Has anyone else had this problem and more importantly, has anyone ever jugged this deep before? Does juggin this deep actually work? It's a deep lake and there was also a deep thermocline. Water temp was 81 but I guess where it's been so hot for so long, it put 'em deeper and weren't too keen on coming up any shallower than 12'. I really figured the conditions for this night were the best I'd ever seen.
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    We fished the Cumberland with some Jugs friday night. I had 14 jugs anchored down with live bluegill along a bank in 13 to 18 foot. Floated 24 more all set to 6 to 10 foot. Did exactly the same. 9 fish from 3 to maybe 12 lbs. All blues and channels and all on the floating jugs. Wasn't really fishing for big ones as much as freezer fish for a friend. He was happy and is now a catfisherman. LOL

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    How can you tell how deep the thermocline is?:0a28:
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    You can see the thermocline on a fish finder. crank the gain up and look for a faint line somewhere above bottom. Most of the time I have found it to be from 25 to 40 foot deep but could be more or less. You won't see fish below the thermocline very often, the oxygen levels are very low.
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    you hit the nail on the head! fish the thermocline!! I set my bait so that it will be just above the thermocline because the fish feed upwards. I fish in 52 ft of water and the thermocline in the winter changes through out the day so you have to adjust your tactics:crazy: I know it seems crazy but it does work for me!