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  1. larry g. ahrens

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    howdy new to site canyou use mudcats ascut bait for blues i use them for yellow cats
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    i havent tried mudcats as i havent caught but mabey 2 or 3 the last 2 or 3 years. BUT i recently was in a friendly tourney and the shad is too deep to catch with a throw net so a friend bought whole tiliapa from the store and we caught over 100 blues in 24 hours biggest 38 lbs 21 lbs 10 lbs. it worked as good as perch or shad.

  3. GMC FishHauler

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    Waco, Texas, Un
    it is much better live than cut!
    if u have to use something other than shad or perch, i go with carp, buffalo, shrimp, crawfish (crushed), gaspergoo, then mud cat.
    The carp and buffalo seem to work BETTER than shad in the dead of winter but the bite slows down on it this time of year.
    Perch is OK year round but i think is better alive than cut, most of the time
    Shrimp is always a good back up for me. I like to get the bigger head on shrimp from the supermarket instead of bait shrimp (it gets expensive this way but better bait) stay away from anything deveined cuz it is too soft
    Crawfish are great bait when their shell is freshly molted. They feel rubbery and seem to put out better scent. When they have a hard shell i just step on them before putting on the hook.

    If u r jugging, use as much perch as you can. The cut perch puts out scent over a longer time than shad. Same with carp and buff plus all these cutbaits are alot harder to get off the hook