jugging...how many is TOO MANY?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by FS Driver, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. FS Driver

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    went to the river a couple a weeks ago and encountered an older man and 2 younger men takeing out at least 6 crates (homemade) i maybe wrong,
    but it looked like in one crate there were about a couple dozen jugs.
    and for all i know their may have been more crates in the truck.
    is this a normal amount for jugging?
    seems like if everyone did this there wouldn't be many cats left.
    i have made 6 myself and plan on make ing another dozen
    and the dozen i make next will replace my original ones as they were an

    if this is too many this guy is putting out just wondr why he is doing so many
    like that?
    just seemed like overkill to me. would appreciate any responses to this

    by the way the waterway is the kaskaskia river and the limit sign didnt specifiy jugging limits at all.
  2. Kittyhunter

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    Princeton, NC
    Seems like anybody using that many would probably be selling the fish. I can't imagine anyone wanting to keep that many fish on a regular basis. Personally I don't use them. Where's the sport in that? If I can't feel him on the end of a rod, I don't want him. What burns me up is riding down the river and seeing empty lines or broken ones hanging from the trees where people have left them and didn't clean up their mess. If you are going to set them, check the darn things. I could see setting some once in a while if you wanted some to eat. Naturally it's easier fishing, but I wouldn't want to do it regularly.

  3. Dreadnaught

    Dreadnaught New Member

    Any amount over what your state regs allow is to many, IMO.
  4. Desperado

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    Pataskala, Ohio
    I would have to agree. Check your state regs. and please practice catch and release of what your not going to use.
  5. FS Driver

    FS Driver New Member

    the 5-6 i have ive just set out and continued fishing in another area and went back in an hour or so and checked. ive omly done this 1 time so far and
    we did catch a turtle lol.

    it seems like a neat way to catch them but i agree i would much rather get one on a rod n reel.
    thanks for replies
  6. VerotiK

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    Harrison, Arkansas
    It all depends on the limit in the state you live. In Arkansas, the limit is 20 jugs per person. Usually when we go fishing, there is 3 of us, so that means that we could legally put out 60 jugs. There have been a few times when we have put out aroud 50, but its usually 20-40. We haven't actively jug fished in a few years, as we have been targeting big fish on rod and reel. Jugging is a good way to catch smaller fish. We've never really caught many big ones on a jug, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I would say that when we put out 40 jugs, on a real productive night, we catch 10 fish. This is on a lake, not a river. Im sure on a river you could do much better with the current carrying the bait and covering more area. On a like you have to find somewhere that has some current, or like we do, just depend on the wind to push the jugs around. There are alot of disrespectful people that jug. We put our jugs out right at dark when there isn't much boat traffic, and generally in areas that boats wont be flying through. What really gets me is people who dont weight their trot lines down enough and you catch your motor on them. If you can catch your motor on them, they need to be cut, thats dangerous for everyone.
  7. craddock1

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    in tennessee one person can use 50 jugs. three in a boat 150. i can't imagine 150 in a boat. just the logistics of keeping up with them. you must check them at least once per day.
    iusually put out 45. i use 10/0 to 16/0 hooks and large baits. im talking 12 inch skipjack 3 pound shad. im not looking for little fish. i put my jugs out at sunset and leave them. i am back at day break to pick them up. i seldom catch more than 5 fish in a night with a couple of them being bait size. sometimes i will have small ones on that have just swallowed the bait to the hook but couldn't get it the rest of the way down. with just 45 jugs it sometimes takes me till after noon to round them up. there is no feeling in the world like watching a large jug stand on end and slowly go out of sight sometimes staying out of sight several minutes and poping up several hundred feet away with you sitting there all the while with the motor off for fear he will come up under the boat and hang up in the prop. some of my lines are 40 feet long. if he is 40 feet down you can have a real fight getting him up.
  8. oldprowler

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    Mannford, Oklahoma
    This topic, like catch and release will catch as many opinions as posters. My personal opinion is that as long as anyone does not exceed the legal limit of jugs for their state they should not be looked down upon. As far as sport goes in jugging I also believe that there is as much knowledge involved in making and placing a jug as there is in rod and reel fishing. I would guess that a good night of jug fishing will average about 3 fish per every 10 jugs.
  9. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    I agree, VerotiK. Another pet peeve of mine is going to the dam and trying to walk along the shoreline without tripping over a big mess of monofiliment line left by rod & reel fishermen. If they just absolutely can't carry it to the waste receptacle provided, they could at least wind it all up in a wad so people wouldn't trip over it.
    Here in Arkansas, there is a limit of 10 catfish per person. Those cats can be any combination of blues, channels, and flatheads. There is one exception. On Corps of Engineer waters, a person is allowed an additional 10 channel catfish under 16" in length. While I think these are very tasty cooked whole, nobody else in my house wants only boneless fillets. Once or twice a year I may bring home a few of these little ones just for me to eat--otherwise I turn them back. The state fish biologists have determined that the catfish population in Arkansas will support a limit of 10 catfish each, and that's the law, so I don't see any harm in taking a full limit when I can. Besides, those catfish fillets in the freezer will likely save some big catfish's life later. Unless I'm really hard up for fish, I don't keep catfish over about 10#, but if I'm wanting some fish to eat, and don't have any in the freezer, and I bring in a 25# cat, it goes in the grease. Now, if I have fish in the freezer to eat, I'll let that big one go. Last jugging trip, we turned back a 23# blue.
    Current speed will definitely affect how many jugs you can keep track of, as will your own personal preference on how spread out you let the jugs get. How many are too many? More than legal, or more than you can take care of. Last trip, 4 of us were allowed a total of 80 jugs, but we only put out about 60 because the water was high and considerably faster than usual. We kept about 20 or so fish, because that's all we caught in the size range I prefer to eat. That's only half a limit of fish each, and tends to be more typical for me than a full limit for everyone on the boat.
    If jugging doesn't sound like your cup of tea, I've got no problem with that, but don't go saying it's unsporting. When you're talking about legal fishing methods being unsporting, the only really sporting method is fly fishing with a dry fly. By that standard, every method I use, including rod & reel, is unsporting. Jugging isn't something that everyone would enjoy; neither is trotlining, snagging, grabbing, or fishing with a rod & reel. All I can say is that if you haven't tried it, you don't really know if you'd like it or not. And stating an opinion about something you know nothing about just makes you look :eek: As long as they're obeying the regulations covering the water they're fishing on, everyone has the right to use any bait, technique, or method they want.
  10. Gator

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    Ludowici GA
    DRC I know that here you have a limit I think it is 20 but I could be wrong as I will run 10 if I run any, with out a commercial license. But like I said I will run 10 because that is all I fell I can handle while fishing from the river. But that is me.
  11. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    Jtrew, I feel the same way about those that whine about shocking.
    If it falls under the law and you fish within those laws, nobody has any right to say you are unsportsman like, especially if they have a fish for sale sign in their yard.

    I like my rod and reel but I've had some fun in the past running jugs, trotlines, and bush hooks.
  12. loanwizard

    loanwizard Well-Known Member

    One of these days I would like to jug fish.

    I can't imagine catching enough live bait to jug with 50 plus lines. Shew, that seems like a pile of work. I thought catfishermen propped a rod and waited for the bell.
  13. catfishcentral

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    How many is too many? If you know what your states limits on jugs per person then you will know. If you see something that doesn't seem right why don't you ask them? I make it a point to talk to other catfisherman while I'm on my lake or river. I hate when other people run my lines and I bring it up in casual conversation with them. That way they know I'm checking my jugs only and not out to run someone's else's lines. Now in your instance if you know your regs, you might question them if they have too many jugs per person out and breaking the law. I love to jug fish and we are allowed twenty per person. Three people in the boat equal 60 jugs. That might seem too many to a person who doesn't know there regs. We are still only allowed 15 catfish per person where I live. This insures that there are plenty of catfish for everyone.
  14. TOPS

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    Here in Arkansas, the regs reads 20 per person. IN my opinion 20 per boat should be all one can handle. :glare:
  15. abilene

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    abilene, tx
    Great post jtrew, tried to give ya a reputation but it wouldn't let me. I don't think that's right. If a guy makes good post after good post, you should be able to slap a point on him every time. lol. Oh well, nothing in this world is perfect.

    Each state has their own idea of how many jugs a person is allowed to run and no matter what legal method a person may use, there is a limit to how many fish he is allowed to keep. If he gets caught using more jugs and keeping more fish than the law allows, he will recieve 2 costly citations.

    I really can't see why someone would actually want to break conservation laws. After all, they are in place to make sure we will always enjoy good fishing. Where is the enjoyment or sense of acomplishment, if you are catching fish in a manner that is unsportsman-like or without challenge? How can cheating be fun? Know what I mean?

    I'm too lazy to clean more fish than I can use or put out more than a few jugs. Stuff like that is too much like work. If fishing becomes too much like work, it quits being fun. These days, fishing isn't something we need to do to survive, it's a form of relaxation and entertainment. It's all about looking inward and peace of mind. It's about enjoying the great outdoors. To some, it's about getting away from it all and being alone and to others, it's about being with friends and family. Some enjoy both.

    It ain't about sneaking around the laws or how many fish you can jerk out of the lake and it's expensive enough without having to pay fines and perhaps forfiture of your fishing license. On the other hand, the more violaters that are caught, the more money the state has to improve our fisheries. I guess it all works out. But what do I know?
  16. Dano

    Dano New Member

    Jackie, that is a good post. I too don't understand why people break conservation laws.
    I wont take a chance on my fishing license being taken. I love the outdoors and want to protect it by the laws that are put in place for that reason. My tax/permit money goes for the programs and laws that are set up to preserve the out doors/fishing/hunting. etc.
    I go fishing for all the reasons Jackie posted. I don't want to be watching my back cause I'm breaking laws. I want to relax and have fun.
    Bout the only fishing I do these days is bank fishing. I did jugs years ago. Guess I got lazy. I can set out my poles, sit down, stoke the fire, cook up something, look around checking things out while waiting on the hit. LOL.
  17. centralcalcat

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    Marion, TX
    here jugging is not legal,therefore i have no expierience with it at all. Aside from watching ol' Bill Dance do it once I wouldn't even know what it was. But my view on jugging goes along with my view on any other form of sport fishing or hunting. I don't care how you catch the fish, the only thing I care about is waste. If you are out jugging and you catch 5-10 cats and your family and friends are going to eat those 5-10 cats, ok, what's wrong with that. Now if you are jugging everyday and catching 50 cats (and keeping them) a week and your family and friends are only eating 25 a week and the rest is being wasted then yeah I have a problem with that.

    Methods as long as their legal should not matter, what matters is what is done with the fish afterwards.

  18. FS Driver

    FS Driver New Member

    ive spent an hour or two looking for the limits for the kaskaskia river and i cant seem to word it right or look in the right place.
    ive checked ildnr and it isnt showing me what i need to see.
    as i said i would rather catch a fish with rod and reel mainly cause i cant hardly stand the fact that ive spent so much on them and haven't caught what i
    equipped my self to catch with.
    secondly it just feels great to have a fish fighting at the end of your pole and
    pulling line out against ther drag.

    but the noodle jugs that ive seen some brothers here use and talk about
    are very interesting to me and i think its a cool way to catch fish with also
    haveing read a couple posts here i can see i dont have all my facts together
    by not knowing the limits.

    but the 4-5 i made a few weeks ago have my name and address on them and they are few enough in number that i'm pretty sure i aint overdoing it with this amount.

    at a out of town hardware store this evining i spotted a box of noodles at 2bucks each so i got 6 and my broinlaw gave me 1 from his garage so i will be makeing my new ones up pretty soon. 3 yellow 3 green and 1 orange

    cant recall who stated about talking to fellow catfishermen,
    i talk to them and other type of fishermen .
    this particular man wasn't the most friendly of people i have met and after
    pleasentries and a complement on his boat was finished i didnt feel the need for any more conversation .

    the younger guys with him were nice enough .
    i rekon with all the jugs he was about to set and 2 new rookies he was about to teach he had enough on his mind without me to add to it LOL
  19. SSG Johnson

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    Saint Robert Missouri
    To many for me would be 13 Ive ran 12 successfully and it was work for one person. Shoot me and roofermike put 6 i think it was in the river and had fun chasing them but I couldn't imagine more than 12. If you cant run the jugs every couple of hours and keep up with that then its to many no matter what the state regs. are. The state could say 1000 per person but if a fish has to stay on there all day then that is cruel and should not be done. Just my opinion. I guess what I'm saying is follow the Regs. for sure but follow your own ability's after that don't let a fish stay on or lose a fish and jug because you cant run them in a timely manner.
  20. Catcaller

    Catcaller New Member

    I gotta agree that as long as it's legal that it should not be looked down upon. Just because someone doesn't approve of a method doesn't mean it's any less sporting. Jugs are illegal here in Kansas...but legal just over the border in Oklahoma. Same with yo-yo rigs, snagging, and noodling. I have jugged in Okla. and it's a fun way to fish. We'll drift along with the jugs and fish with rod and reel while we do so. Also we'll troll or cast for whitebass and go back and check the jugs every couple hours. We'll use 3 hook drops on each of our 12 jugs and it seems like plenty. But if a guy uses more, is legal, and doesn't waste any fish they take...I have zero problem with that either.