Jugging for catfish in NC?

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  1. miichael

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    In NC do you have to have your name and address on jugs also? I know you have to have name and address on trotlines. It says in the book this..

    Using Trotlines and Set-hooks

     It is unlawful to use live bait with trotlines, set-hooks or jug-hooks.
     Trotlines must be set parallel to the nearest shore in all public
    waters where their use is authorized.
     Each trotline and set-hook (except jug-hooks) shall have
    attached the name and address of the user legibly inscribed.
     Each trotline shall be conspicuously marked at each end, and
    each set-hook shall be conspicuously marked at one end with
    a prominent flag or floating object.
     Metal cans and glass containers cannot be used as markers.
     Trotlines (including throw-lines) must be fished daily, and all
    fish must be removed daily.
     Untended trotlines and set-hooks, as evidenced by the
    absence of bait, may be removed from the water by wildlife
    enforcement officers.

    What does that mean (except jug-hooks)?
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    from what i take of the law there is nothing that said one must have a name or address on a jug. this is the problem i see with them. i just saw 20-25 16ounce plastic drink bottles at badin this morning and they have been there for 6 weeks hung in the brush along the bank. there is no sense in this. it just trashes the public lakes up. now if i go down there and throw 20-25 drink bottles in and drive off. then i will get a ticket if caught but if i got a string and a hook on the line i can drive off. sorry for the rambling

  3. channelcat_tracker

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    cant tell yea anything useful in that buddy. check with your local DNR officer to see what yea can do. because some people here, like myself dont always know what they are talking about so i wouldnt take anyones answer 100 percent sure. just check to be safer rather than sorry!
  4. catrod

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    N.C. Wildife regulations pg. 16 says you dont have to put your name and address on jugs but a Wildlife officer may remove jugs that have been left at their discression. Thats stupid to not make you put your info on a jug so that you are held responsible for your leftovers.
  5. laidbck111

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    agreed brother they should have to be labeled so they can fine the ones that are polluting the water. losing money for doing wrong hurts as much as a whipping when you were younger for doing wrong.
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    yes you must have your jugs label. asked a game warden and you need to. both for you help indtifying and for others. hope this helps