Jugger catfish report 11/23/09

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    Watertown, Tenn
    Well boys and girls we put in at Tyree Access on Old Hickory Lake, I usaully put in at Davis Corner, but due to Pondwater's warning we did not want to take a chance. The lake was very low due to boat launch repairs all over the place. When I put in I had to trim motor up high just to get to deeper water. I have never seen the lake that low, not even during drout. I also believe that it had a negative impact on the fish biting also. Not a good nite at all. We caught 4 fish, 1/2 ponder,1 pounder x2 and a nice 8 pounder. I was actually home showered and in the bed by midnight. I am going again Wed. Night but we are planning on going back out to Cedar creek over by blowed out bridge just North of Lebanon, Tn. We have not been there in awhile so we thought that we may go back and try er out.
    Tennesseejugger 2's brother from Mich. will be in and we are going to introduce this northen boy to some redneck jugfishing.

    I hope all have a wonderful turkey day and just remeber what we are all thankful for, are freedom! I please remember the men and women who provide the blanket of protection and freedom for us. THE US. SOLDIER!
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    Don't mess the old yank up too bad with some good ole redneck fishing he might not want to go back.Just kidding hope that ya'll have a good time.Thanks for the great report, sorry to hear that you didn't catch much.:eek:oooh: