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  1. Sundance

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    Does anyone know anything about jug fishing in Ohio?

    how many jugs are allowed?

    how many hooks per jug?

    what do you do if a bass takes your jug bait?

    the DNR regs are a little slim on these items.

    also, does anyone have a favorite place to jug fish?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Elyria, OH
  2. catfishbrett

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    Sorry Don, I dont jug fish (no fun in that lol) rod and reel kinda guy here.you can try asking local people around your area they might be able to help you out better than myself.

  3. D_Weezy

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    Cadiz, Ohio
    I caught some catfish on my flagging jugs Tuesday. Check these rules out. This is from the ODNR website. I only use one hook per jug, and since I use cut bait I don't catch any bass on my jugs. Build some jugs, bait them with some cut bait and get ready for fun. The MWCD lakes are full of catfish. I caught a 10.95lb channel catfish on one of my flagging jugs on Tuesday at Tappan. It kept taking it under and coming back up about 10ft away. When a big cat is ripping your jug through the water, it is a heck of a site. I included some pictures of flagging jugs below and instructions on how to build them. Thanks to whomever made these plans. You don't have to use white pool noodles in Ohio. I have bright green. You can buy pool noodles for cheap at the Dollar Store, look around. I like the flagging jugs better than my old plastic bottles. I use my small aluminum boat to chase my jugs. I would start out with about 6 jugs. That is plenty to begin with. Have fun and save me some for later. If you have any more questions, just ask. Later I will post a picture of the jugs that I made.

    Floatlines - Floatline or jug fishing is permitted in (1) all streams; (2) Sandusky Bay west of the New York Central Railroad bridge; (3) Berlin Lake south and west of St. Rt. 225; (4) Mosquito Lake north of the causeway and south of a line of buoys designating the waterfowl refuge; (5) Charles Mill Lake north of St. Rt. 430; (6) Clendening Lake east of St. Rt. 799; (7) Seneca Lake south of St. Rt. 147; (8) Tappan Lake above the gas line causeway and St. Rt. 646; (9) Atwood Lake north and east of St. Rt. 542 north at Dellroy; (10) Piedmont Lake in Sections 11 and 12 of Kirkwood Township; (11) Wills Creek Lake except in the area directly in front of the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District boat landing; and (12) ALL PUBLIC WATERS EXCEPT WHERE PROHIBITED BY THE OWNER IN AUTHORITY.
    It is unlawful to set, use, or maintain more than six floatlines in all public waters of the state of Ohio less than 700 surface acres. Floats must be of nonshatterable material and bear the name and address of the user. Floats must be freely adrift and be attended by the user at all times. Treble hooks are unlawful.

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