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    I am planning to do some night jugging on Cave Run lake this summer. What is a good depth to fish the bait under the jug, and how is the best way to anchor them so they don't blow all over the lake on me? I plan to stay with the jugs all night. Thanks
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    well if your gonna be fishin summer months, and on th main part of th lake you will wanna find th thermocline, which is th level of th oxygen in th water. say u r fishin 60' of water, th thermocline should be some where around th 25-30' mark. weights can vary, u can take th family size soup or veggie cans, concrete and an eye-bolt w/a washer an nut. mix concrete with water, take th eye bolt put th washer and then th nut just at th end of th bolt. u dont need any of th eye boly coming thru th other side of the nut. A small dowel rod or pencil, run thru th eye an set on th can so it wont fall in, slowly add quikcrete till u fill th can, tap a few times till u get all air out, let set and boom, u have instant jug/trotline weight. or if u can procure some old window weights, those work very well also. I actually have both. Also get th jugs that r somewhat transparent, not bleach botles, but 3 liter coke botles, and drop in a green or yellow glow stick, works beter than reflective tape, and th light helps bring in th bait fish. I use cut shad or cut minnows down deep, up more I use live minnows. sometimes have done well on perch guts. hope this helps.

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    Anchoring your jugs is definitely your best bet for keeping the jugs from moving around, but if you do decide to freefloat them, put 3 or 4 ounces inside the jug (2-liter; probably 6 or 7 for a 3-liter). This will keep the jugs from being moved so easily by the wind, and also keep the jug in a tipped or 'flagged' position after a bite. Haven't tried it, but I've been told that attaching the chemlight to the outside of the jug with a rubber band works even better than placing it inside the jug. A tube of 100 chemlights from one of our sponsors, AKWolf, comes with 100 connectors, which could be glued to the side or bottom of the jugs. That way, you wouldn't even have to worry about a rubber band.