Jug Fishing the Ohio.

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    I am wanting to try jug fishing in the ohio river but I have never tried this. I was wandering if any one could tell me what depth to start off with or if all depths sould be different? Also what are the best type of hooks to use. I have a lot of circle hooks on the boat already and was planning on using these. Will they work? Also about how long should I let them soake?
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    I don't know about the OHIO I don't have a big boat . :wink: Circle hooks set themselves and hold fish better than j hooks . I use 3 to 5 foot drops on mine . Quart oil jugs name adress tel # I ran 35 in the ky river by myself . There is more current where you are at . Some one to help you makes it a whole lot easier . Stay with them but not in them . I stayed all night . If you don't stay close to them . they could get lost or your fished stolen . Keep all you need . then pull them . But you fish however you like some people don't like the idea of jugging but I got to feed my family too ! Good luck !

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    Henderson, KY
    I saw an episode on KY Afield and it was jugging on the Ohio River.

    I found the vidoe online where Ky Afield sometimes posts videos.

    The website is www.myoutdoortv.com

    here is a link to Ky Afield's page.

    The episode that has the jugging is Frog Gigging, Frazier International History, Ohio River Catfishing

    You have to go through the frog gigging first, but they go into the depth of the jugs that they use.