Jug Fishing in South Carolina

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    I bought a Jug permit this year. I used to do this when I was a kid in a small lake. Once I read the rules there is only a few places in SC that you can do it. Kind of stinks. Seems like as long as they are up before daylight who cares.
    Anybody have a take on this.
  2. klemsontigers7

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    You asked for anyone's take on this so I'll answer. I am glad to see jug fishing not permitted in a lot of areas. It's fun to do every once in a while, but if it were legalized then the lakes would be wiped clean. On lake russell, the first time I ever catfished about 8 years ago, we stayed out all night and never caught 1 fish. We weren't going after monster flatheads or anything, just channels. I'm sure that any night on hartwell (where jug fishing is not permitted) you can catch as many channels as you would like. I don't really hear much about people catfishing on russell and I believe that it is "jugged out" My friend has a hunting camp in Elberton, GA which is right on the lake, or at least as close as you can be to the lake. Everyone down there jug fishes, in the summer if you stay out all night, you'll see someone jugging. It would be nice if so many fish weren't taken out of the lake on jugs because there are a lot of standing timber and wooded areas that would be prime flathead territory if they weren't so scarce. Just my opinion...

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    I don't care for trotlines or jug fishing either. Sorry Bro just one of them things you know, kind of like jet skis.
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    If I had to choose I would prefer people do jugs as opposed to trotlines.I'm not against either system per se but I just have an inherent distaste for setting something out and letting it do the work for you.I want the action in my hands with a rod and reel.Essentially catfish are the only species subjected to this type of fishing because Bass,Trout etc are gamefish and its not allowed.It would be like what would the fun of flyfishing be on a wild river for trout or salmon if every 100 yards there was a trotline across the river baited with worms?I realize that they are traditional methods practiced by many and some of my good fishing buddies do both.Unfortunately it becomes easy to "forget" to run the lines or take them up.If the weather gets bad for a few days and you can't run them then have to go back to work for a week and then the car breaks down etc etc.I agree with those that support having catfish declared gamefish so they can be managed and perhaps limited to rod and reel harvest only, like Bass.NO OFFENSE INTENDED TOWARDS ANYONE THAT USES THESE METHODS.They are just not for me and I have seen so many fish that that have struggled for days to try and get free and died & rotted and many that ripped the sides of their mouths out to get off and are scarred from tangling in the lines to feel there is any thing "sporting" about these methods.
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    yea, it really stinks to plan a fishing trip somewhere and go to anchor up in your favorite spot, then look around and realize you are surrounded by jugs. This happens a lot on clarks hill. Another bone i have to pick with jugging. I hunt on lake russell all deer season. And every cove i get out of the boat they'll be 2 or 3 old jugs washed up on the shore. People have put out so many jugs down there that they never find them all And they are always washed up on shore. It looks really bad, not to mention all the time's i've seen a lonely jug bouncing in the water during the afternoon while i'm scouting that was ovbiously never found by it's owner.