Jr., Jimmy, and Brian

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    who actually caused the wreck?
    ok, here's is what happened and also explains why jr wasn't as ticked off as most thought he would be.

    when you turn any car, including race cars, it scrubs off some speed. maybe not much, but some. now in the real world we would simply give the car a little more gas to maintain or increase speed when cornering.

    remember, at talladega these guys run wide open all the way around the track.

    when jimmy made his move on jr it took a little speed off...very little, but just a tick. brian started to go with him at the first move. when jimmy made his move jr put a block on him, making jimmy have to turn the wheel a little more to get by.

    this second move scrubbed off a tiny bit more speed, and that was enough to let vickers make that 1/4 inch of contact and turn him into jr.

    just a restrictor plate event...no ones fault.
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    Thanks Phil,Vickers actually said Jimmy slowed when he got out in the clean air and he wiggled just a little bit I thought maybe because of Jrs block,but in any case thay could have all stayed in line and finished well or they could "RACE" for the win.I hate it happened to jimmy and jr and I also hate it tainted Vickers first win.Would have loved to see them break 3 wide and go for it but alas and alack it wasn't to be.Mark made a good point in another thread about being able to "control" these cars at 200mph.it ain't as easy as it looks from the old recliner.:smile2: :eek:oooh: :big_smile: :wink:

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    I actually believe Vickers had no intention on winning the race but rather wanted to help push Jimmie to the front and settle for 2nd place. Im surprised that Johnson waited as long as he did to try to make the pass when he knew Vickers would probably help him to the front. If Johnson was in front he would have tried to block too no matter who was behind him.
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    If both drivers would have pulled out at the same time they could have bump-drafted by Jr. easily. However, Vickers' slight hesitation caused that dreadful "racing incident". Not exactly his fault, just one of those things.