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    I took the opportunity to wet a line at Jordan last night. The weather was perfect with a small breeze, just enough to keep the bugs away.

    The launch at Ebeneezer was low, but managable. There are warning signs about hazardous boating due to low water levels. The lake is down probably about 6 ft. The floating docks aren't floating.

    Anyway, I put in about 1/2 hour before dark and took the easy way out. I tied up to the bridge. There were several boats leaving as I got set up, and not a soul after dark except me.

    I went, not to target catfish, but to bring home a few crappie. So, with my 12' telescopic B&M's, I put 4 minners in the water. I had them placed anywhere from 8-12' down with a thill bobber, single hook (#1 long shank), and a split shot. I boated a couple of 10-11" crappies, when BAM, one of my poles started out of the boat! I caught it and started pulling. It pulled back, hard.

    Now folks, there isn't any "drag" to set on these poles. Just some 8lb line and a hook. To add to that, I didn't even have the line rigged "the good way", I just had it tied to the little eye at the end of the pole. I worked that pole for probably five minutes, grabbing my net and praying the pole wouldn't break, nor the line.

    I got my fish netted JUST as the line popped... A pretty, fat channel. Weighed in at 5lb 13oz. I was a happy camper!

    I drowned the rest of my 4 dozen minnows, throwing back more than I kept.

    At 11:30, I trailered the boat, took my not quite the limit bootie and headed home. I iced them down good and waited until today when I had some help for my photo "show and tell".

    Now, I know my AvEEtar isn't as nice as most of ya with them big ole whiskerfish, but I can finally "fit in" :smile2:

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  2. crusinman2002

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    looks like a nice fish fry comin along with them crappie.

    congrats on the cat, that had to be a fun fight on one of them B&M's, he should fry up pretty good too.

    i was goin to be up there last night, but i stayed at home cause i was getting the worst part of a cold, and the weather didn't look like it would be that great thru the night with the storms comin in.

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    Congrats! Nothing beats a nice cat on light tackle.
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    Thanks for the neat story and pics. i can smell them fish cooking:002:
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    Congrats on catching that nice channel. I'll bet you will get some good fillets from those crappie.:dribble:
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    Nice catch Laura. Youre gonna have to start takin at least one cat pole with ya and put it off to the side. So whens the fishfry?
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    Good catch Laura:big_smile:
    Hard to beat Catfish and Crappie!!!!