Jordan Lake

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  1. rangercatman

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    Cameron, NC
    Anyone Got Any Good Info On Jordan Lake? Are There Blues & Flats In It? Thanks
  2. greggofish

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    Holly Springs, NC
    the search feature. There have been a discussion or two on the lake.

    As far the types of cats on the lake........Blues = no.......Flatheads = no
    Channel cats, White Cats and small brown bullheads rule the lake.

    Get ready to be confused cause folks are going to tell you differently. I don't know much in this world , but trust me, the only three cats you will catch on that lake are listed above.

    Best time = Spring, Summer(best) and Fall
    Best bait = Shad (either kind) then live Bream
    Best method = Carolina rigs and floats
    Best Depth = Channel Cats = 1 - 7 feet others any depth
    Best snack = Combos
    Best bet for a monster fish (over 12 lbs.) = go somewhere else
    Best probablity to encounter a hillbilly - about 82%
    Best time to leave = shortly after arrival unless you are fishing for eaters.
    Best looking female you may encounter while fishing there = N/A

    Let me know if you need more specific info.... :big_smile:

  3. rangercatman

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    Cameron, NC
    That is the best response ive ever had on this site....that is amazing cause there are flats & blues in the deep & haw rivers which run through. Thanx for the heads up though, i wont be huntin monsters there. Thanx
  4. bigblaze

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    Don't waste your time looking for hawgs (cats) in that lake they are not there, if they are there they are few and far between.... trust me greg should know....

    if they are there you wont be able to keep them bleeping white cats from getting your bait....

    I have seen pics of some decent stripers come out of that lake recently

    I did have something big break off 50 lb.power pro at the beginning of spring but that could have been a big bow fin...sure didn't fight like a cat...
  5. crusinman2002

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    Mukwonago, Wisconsin
    greg, that was an awesome response.

    there is a ever so slight chance of getting a blue or a flathead, but the chance is very small as most know to stay out of the lake. there are a very few that will venture out of the river, but not many at all... and even if there is one near, them white cats will grab your bait first... lol. all i have ever caught out of there is crappie, white cat, and channel cats... all perfect eating size... the lake is full of eating size cats.
  6. jfwillia1998

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    north carolina
    Greg, that was awesome. One of the best posts I've seen yet.
  7. Splorndle

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    I fish Jordan no less than once a week year round. I have never seen or heard a credible report of a cat over 20. My largest is 16. I have never seen a blue or flatty.

    I fish there because it is my back yard...not because there are big ones.
  8. laidbck111

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    Like the others have posted don't go looking for monster cats there. Though there are plenty of good eaters. My biggest there is 12 pounds channel. I catch more channels than whites though. I guess its the area I fish. Plenty of shad there also if you hit it at the right time, dark and sunrise. lots of crappie there too. I also fish Jordan a lot because it is about 8 minutes from my house.