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Went out yesterday for a "first run" test fishing expedition in the new boat I picked up a few weeks ago. After some minor motor work and a bit of cleaning up, mounting rod holders, etc. I hit the lake. I was out mainly to run the motor and see if it was going to withhold the abuse I'm good for on a boat.
Put in at Ebenezer and headed towards the dam.....once I made it through the "S" turns I was met by plenty of floating debris coming out the Haw River up towards Robinson Creek. I turned around and got to the end of the "S" turns and decide to troll with a 1oz bucktail to see if the stripers were biting. Sure enough 100yards or so out in front of Seaforth I heard the baitclicker sound off.......I ended up losing this striper right at the boat as I fought the net by myself. 15lbr easy. :eek:oooh:
I decided to throw a few crappie minnows up in the standing timber just past Ebenezer to the left of the bridge. First cast, not 30 seconds in the water I land a 15 1/2 inch crappie. Full of eggs. The striper and my one and only crappie were the only to hits/catches that day. :roll_eyes: Still better than working. :smile2:
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