Jordan lake report 29sept07

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    went up to jordan lake for a nice friday night and sat. morning, its starting to get pretty chilly at night... lol caught some crappie, couple of really nice ones, got 6 keepers and too many to count that were only 9 inches. didn't get a single catfish, got 2 bites, with 2 shad missing. was fishin straight down, bout a foot off the bottom, bite was real easy with the cats, barely noticed, didn't set off the bite detector either time, just slowly started pullin the line. the crappie on the other hand, they were nailin those minnows. was fishin in 16 foot of water, just out from the bridge at ebenizer ramp, water temp was 76. fished from 8:30pm friday night till 3:00am sat. morning, fish seemed to bite better when ac/dc, quiet riot, and queen were on the radio, they stopped biting when red hot chilli peppers played... it seemed like classic rock at a low volume put them into a feeding frenzy... just an observation, lol