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:act-up: Hey guys,
I had my year's pb catch yesterday. My friend Ben Forehand and myself heading to the water at 10am. We went straight to the Haw river portion and started in a little cove for bait. After about an hour and 4 lil bream for bait we pulled anchor and headed for stinking creek for finish gathering bait. We anchored in the mouth of Stinking Creek. I chunked my Sabiki rig baited with crickets back toward the creek channel in the lake and we continued to gather small bream. The Sabiki almost fle woof the back of the boat and when I reeled it in I had two bream one eater Channel cat and one eater Blue. The cats had tangled my Sabiki beyond repair so I Had to dispose of it. While I was rerigging my Sabiki Rod I saw a dark stain in the water which turned out to be a large school of Shad. We chased Shad for about twenty minutes and had over a hundred Shad with 3 casts.
Problem #1: The water was hot. Shad almost immediately started dying. Problem #2 I put the Shad in my livewell where they continued to die and then plug my drain line resulting in a minor flood on the boat.
With plenty of bait we left stinking creek and headed up the Haw River north of The Robeson Creek boat ramp. We stopped at the bend in the river just before the first island and proceeded to drift Diagonally acroos the river. We were using Santee Cooper rigs with 1 1/2 to 2 oz. weight. Team catfish double action circle. Approximately 3-4 4 inch dead Shad per hook.
Although the action wasn't fast and furious, the cats kept us busy for the rest of the day. We drifted from the starting point above to the mouth of Robeson creek and caught 8 eaters. All Channel. Ben hooked the biggest of the day, approximately 7 pounder.
All in all we had a great fishing trip. Plenty of bait to be found and plenty of cats to keep us busy.

The only problem we had the whole day was one douche bag. This knucklehead had his wife and three kids on his fancy schmancy ski boat pulling his boy in our general area. No worries right? Free country large lake. Well, said knucklehead decided that it would be a fantastic idea to pull his son between my boat and the shoreline. We were fishing apporximately 100 ft. off the bank and this idiot cut between us dragging his son over our lines. After I expressed my displeasure (no, I won't repeat what I yelled at him) they packed up and left and we had no further problems.
Thanks guys and good luck.

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