Jordan Lake fishing fun

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    My buddy Brandon, his girlfriend Tiffany, and I loaded up the pontoon boat on Monday April 27, 2009 and headed for Jordan Lake. We off loaded at Ebenezer at around 9:30am. We trolled North under the Hwy 64 bridge and caught two small stripers. We took a short stop at the marina for some lures (we did not have enough striper plugs) and headed for the back of white oak. The water in the main body was running in the mid seventies. Wind was out of the south south-west. Back in White oak the temp rose from mid seventies to near eighty. Caught a crappie on a striper plug so we switched to jigs and minnows. No luck. Back to the main body south of 64. NO luck. From about 12pm until dusk we hit nothing. Judging by the fishfinder the fish were holding between 15 and 20 feet. Anywhere we went that's where they were. So we headed down to the dam and trolled for stripers again. From the s- turns to the dam and up into the haw river. Nothing. Then, just as we were approaching the mouth of the stinking creek cove we decided to catch some bream for catfishing later. Brandon was retrieveing the lines when WHAM!!!!!! A 20" striper took the bait. After retrieving the striper we were running out of daylight so back to ebenezer with no bream. Here's where it gets interesting. We tied up under the bridge at ebnezer just like about four other boats. I dropped my two 30" green lights into the water and we sat back waiting for the crappie. 30 minutes passed and the first one hit. Then we noticed that SHAD were making a bait ball around the lights. It was unreal... We started catching crappie like crazy. This bait ball was incredible. Like watching Discovery channel. Tiffany wasn't having any luck but I was catching them like crazy. So we compared our rigs. I was fishing in 6-7 feet and tiffany was at 3-4 feet. I began observing the other boats and they were having hit or miss success. I movred Tiffany's rig to 6-7 feet and whamo. Crappie. At around 10:30pm Tiffany had to go so we untied and took her to the docks. Brandon decided that since we were catching so many fish we would go back to the bridge. Tied off, dropped lights. 30 minutes and the shad began circling the lights again. 1 hour and your cork wouldn't sit still in thw water because the Shad were so thick that they were running into the lines. midnight. Out of bait. So I made two casts with the cast net into the bait ball and had plenty of shad for a week worth of fishing. So, I decided to drop a cat line. I set up my team catfish double action circle hook with 5-6 shad and casted just to the edge of the lighted area. 10 minutes and the first eating size cat was in the boat. This went on for 4 hours. Crappie and Catfish. It was the most unbelieveable fishing trip of my life. Although we didn't hook any large catfish I had 12 eating size blues by the end of the night. And we caught our limit of Crappie. The water was aroun 75 degrees and the wind was calm. I hope this helps. Gonna try drifting the hole near mile marker 5 next time. :smile2::smile2::smile2::smile2::smile2: