Jordan Lake Feb 23

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    Went out to Jordan Saturday with my 7 year old daughter and my uncle to do a bit of Crappie fishing. A little R and R and some QT with loved ones. I grabbed one trot line, and decided to keep any cats for myself and let my uncle have any crappie we caught. Launched from Farrington Point late in the morning and headed out, right over a submerged pond that wasn't on the topo map. There were a lot of fish in that little hole. So we set out the trot line across that pond, or so we thought. It turns out that winds out of the SW pushed us off of the spot so we decided that was good enough and just let it ride. Went off to fish for Crappie. Three or four spots we tried, were nada, nada, nada, and nada. So we went back to take in the trot line and head in. Lo and behold... we had 8 Channels on a 25 hook trotline ranging from 1lb-5lbs. So we called my grandaddy and aunt on the way home and announced that there would be fresh fish for dinner. So, more good times with family. Man, I love fishing. Water temp was 51 degrees, fish were all caught in 16' of water on thawed threadfin shad. Water level was 216.88' msl

    So now to the technical questions for those experienced trotliners out there. Is 1 fish:3 hooks a good ratio? Obviously not as good as having a fish on every hook, but obviously better than no fish. Were it you, how would you rank a haul like that one? #2 I noticed that all of the hooks had no bait on them when I pulled the line back in whether they had a fish on or not. On that particular line I was using #4 Kahle hooks, I was thinking on switching them over to #4 Circle hooks. I also entertained the possibility that I hadn't hooked them properly. I'd baited with two frozen/thawed Threadfins per hook hooked through the eyes. I was thinking that if I hooked them in through one eye socket and out of the back of the skull they'd stay on a bit better, making a fish have to deal with the hook a little more. Whatdaya think? Is my logic on track or is there something I'm not accounting for?

    Thanks for any advice

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    Well had that have happened down here in the coastal rivers would have blamed the bare hooks on gar or blue crabs. The rivers here get filthy with crabs especially in the summer and fall.

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    I fish jordan quite a bit and for feb. that wasn't a bad haul for the amount of hooks you had out..I like the 4/0 circle hook and live gizzard shad if available...Good times with friends and family is what its all about...especially on the water!
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    Cann't use live bait on a trot line or bank line." Illegal".I've used catfish bellies with great success on my trot lines,fish love um and they stay on the hook great. Nice catch you had there for this time of year. Use circles hooks so you can release any big fish you catch!!!
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    ive had very good luck with the #4 kahle hooks, lost a lot of fish with circle hooks, i ve found that hooking the shad through the eyes is the best, they stay on better, even when they are live and i am rod fishing i hook them through the eye socket, just hook it around the back side of the eyes without damaging them, 1 fish per 3 is very good for what you were doing
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    I've been cutting shad Tony Hughes style lately, since smaller cut bait is what they seem to want right now. I cut them from behind the head to the anal fin in a teardrop shape, it just barely exposes the gut cavity and leaks scent for a long time w/o the goodies inside falling out. I hook them from the bottom of the head up through the tough cartilage above the nose and they stay on great. There is nothing worse than casting off the groceries and having to reel up and do it again :eek:oooh:.
    Pulling boards and freelines I've been using trebles but hooking them different than normal as well. I put the hook in from the top of the nose and out their mouth, this way the two exposed barbs sit up by their eyes and the fish can't be foul hooked. I hate pulling in a line and the shad is dead w/the mouth wide open, foul hooked in the side and been spinning for 20 mins.:angry:. The two top hooks seem to get the fish in the upper lip most of the time. Some of this may help from having to rebait as often.