Jordan Lake 8-16 Report

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    Austin Sartin
    Took my wife and friend fishing at Jordan lake sunday, tried some striper fishing this time. Last few trips the catfish haven't been cooperating so I decided to do some trolling so I could cover alot of ground and hopefully find some good spots on the sonar.

    We started out pulling two downriggers with three way rigs using a white 1 oz bucktail and a spoon, aslo brought out the ol lead core set up. Ended up with 4 stripers and 1 keeper. The 1 keeper came off the lead core bucktail spoon combo running around 16'. The wife caught this fish along with one of the smaller fish, thats right she's the lucky one. Two fish one rod...:big_smile:

    We were fishing north of the Ebenezer ramp in 23 to 35 feet, all four fish came out of the 16 to 20 foot range. We trolled in between 2 and 3 mph, only marked small schools of bait with fish. Two weeks ago marked a school of bait and fish 10' deep and 30 yards long. Found some good structure and caught a few fish. I think we will be back out there this weekend to try some more...

    Here's the wife's keeper
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    Sounds like a pretty good trip. A lot more productive than my trip there on Saturday. All I caught was bait, and not enough of it to catch any real fish. :confused2: One day I'll figure out how to fish Jordan. :big_smile: