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    how many fish out of a 14' jon boat? What size motor do you use on it? ( I have a 6hp 1972 Johnson that gives me about 6mph unless i set in middle seat, then I can get 11mph on my gps) What size water do you go out on? In my area I have Mississippi, Tennessee, Cumberland. and Ohio rivers and Kentucky and Barkley lakes and Swan lake in Ballard co, Ky.
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    I don't know much about the rivers other then in arkansas but have to tell ya from my experience, depends on how high or fast the water is moving. I have a 14 foot jonboat with a casting deck and a 9 hp seaking. it will do okay depeing on how fast the water is moving but I am very cautious lately due to a close call couple years ago,. IN ark. river water was flowing approx. 120,000 cfps( cubic feet per second) and I tel ya, when I tried to anchor the boat, no way, had to let the rope go whe I realized that I had forgotten the life jackets and wife with me and can't swim very good so I let go of the rope and went back in. You have to make your call. But a 6 hp motor is a bit small unless the river is slow fowing. Be carefull .

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    I have a 1448 flatbottom, with a 25hp 2 stroke. With me and another person it goes about 27mph by my gps. If by myself, about 29mph. I usually cruise right around 18mph (about half throttle). I fish everywhere, from ponds to some of the bigger rivers around here, and i've even been known to go into the chesapeake bay on a calm day.

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    I love fishing from jon boats when the weather is warm and the water is not to rough. I took a 16 footer to Percy Priest and i had some close calls out on the big lake. But they are great because they can get into shallow water and i will still use one for jug fishing and setlines in the summer. The cumberland river is alright at times where i am from for a jon boat. but when the water is high and moving I wouldnt trust it.
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    Kansas City, KS
    I run a 14' x 43" w/ 9.9 Johnson, a 12' x 43" w/ 3.0 Merc., a 12' x 53" w/7.5 Johnson. All flat bottom jons. The gear we carry is 2 people (360 lbs.), tackle, 2 comfortable chairs, 2 anchors, trolling motor w/ battery. I am over cautious, but, I wouldn't put any those boats in on the Missouri River or the Kansas River. The boats do great everywhere else.
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    south central Louisiana
    I have a 1436 all-welded jon boat with a small deck built up front. It's pushed by a 20hp Tohatsu 4-stroke. With 2 people I cruise at 20-23, by myself tops out at 27 and its got more to over-rev, 27mph is as fast as the pitch I'm using will let. I usually fish the intracoastal canal and the brackish marsh around it. I very rarely will go maybe 100 yards into vermilion Bay, mostly because it is so unpredictable. One minute it's glass, the next a south wind picked up and there's 3 foot seas. I fish my fare share of big oxbow lakes (from the Mississippi) and have taken it to Lake Ouachitaw and Tablerock Lake. I won't dare bring it in a big river around here, 150,000 cfps you said? Try 200,000 cfps while low! No Way!