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Discussion in 'Boat Modification Journal' started by Catalac, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. Catalac

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    Does anyone use a generator in their jon boats to run spotlights,trolling motor, ect... If so what would be the smallest size generator I could get to run these.

  2. BKS72

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    East of KC
    Not sure on the size of the generator, but one of the guys I see over here a lot has a 3 horse briggs side shaft motor mounted on a plate turning a GM 1 wire alternator. Never looked it over real close, but I'd guess it's at least a 75 amp alternator. He put it on cause he runs 4 ginormous KC lights up front plus his spots and everything else.

  3. Fishbit

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    Most generators are AC. Trolling motors aren't.
    We have used them for fish gigging lights. I can barely stand the noise but the lights need to be bright to stick suckers in very much water.
  4. Todd Strong

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    Cambridge, Ne
    Most of all your generators from 1000 - 30,000 watts, Have an peak load of 8-10 amps on the 12 volt side, probably not enough to run trolling motor or even maintain voltage on an onboard battery over a period of time.

    SUNDROP New Member

    For what you'd spend for a generator and the dangers/noise you can buy more batteries and still have $$ left over.
  6. cantstopgrandma

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    Well, i dont use a generator, and dont think i'd like the noise. I'd personally figure out what wattage and how many amps etc. the lights are gonna take, then decide what generator you would need.
  7. oh no

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    My boat has 7 - 500 watt quartz lights on it for running jugs at night. I used to have an old Honda Generator 2500 watt that I could keep 5 lights going. It had a 12 volt plug-in too. I had it hooked up to the boat batteries to help charge them when I had it running. That old generator kept loosing it ump and I had to keep flashing the coil on it. So this year I got a new generator, a Coleman 3000 watt job. It is about half the weight of that old Honda but does not have the 12 volt deal. It's just 120 volt.

    Now with noise, boy the new Honda's are quiet, except they cost about 1800 for a 3000 watt inverter type. Gosh they are quiet. 2 years ago I borrowed one and we could easily talk low and hear each other in the boat. With this Coleman I welded a 2" elbow to the front of the Tecumseh's muffler and with another 2" elbow I attached an added car muffler with a body washer welded to the end to reduce it down to a 3/4" hole. It's pointed away from the boat and is fairly quiet. Better than just the original muffler on that 6HP motor. I will just have to wait and see how it compares to the new Honda's as I just listened to it running in my garage.

    If you want to go with a generator that is 120 volt and 12 volt, those Chinese ones are not to high priced. I got a rebuilt Chinese Coleman Power mate off of Ebay for 288 delivered to the house. And the darn thing started the first pull after I put gas and oil in it. I bought it to go with my truck camper so I can run the microwave. lol

    Boy I was real happy with it until I hit the off switch. LOL LOL That damn thing just kept humming along. lol I had to choke it to kill it. lol My son thinks a spade electric deal came off the back of the switch during shipping.

    The Coleman Made in USA generator on my boat took 2 pulls to start it after gas and oil was added to it. Those darn Chinese have reversed engineered Honda motors and theres are exactly the same. I do not know if they will hold up as good as a Honda, but they start like a Honda, first pull.

    If you add 500 watt quartz lights to your boat for bow hunting or jug running get the ones that are trouble lights. There mounts have a u shaped bracket that attachés to the base. Throw away the base and tec screw the bracket onto your boat. The house mount 500 watt quartz's only have the threaded end for outside mounting. That will break real easy from vibration. Trust me, I know. Those ones they sell as work lights are only about 8 - 10 bucks apiece at Lowe's.

    Don't know what to tell you about running a trolling motor. They take lots of juice. I have 2 deep cycle batteries on my boat. Trouble is if one is camping and fishing for a week or so my motor won't keep them charged. My 90 Mercs alternator is only rated at 15 amp. That s worthless. They have them set up so you have to charge them up with a good battery charger. I take my 50 amp charger with me camping and if I have to, I can plug it into the generator and let them charge for 1/2 hour or so.

    Hope this helps. I have went threw a lot of trying and failing before I just gave up and went to the real generator set up. Those 500 watt quartz work lights will put out lots more light that any 12 volt off road or flood lights/head lights I have ever seen.

    At night on a reservoir there is a light fog/mist on the water most of the time. It takes a good set of lights to break threw that so you can see your jugs.