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    I have a 2000' 90 hp Johnson outboard. When I last had it serviced, the mechanic said I needed to throw away the system and manualy mix my oil and gas. I've been through this before on a earlier 60 hp Mercury. I don't know if I should follow his advice or not. I've never had any problem and like the convenience of not having to measure and mix. What are your recommendations? If I have to throw another system away, this will be the last time I will ever throw away money on a auto-mix system unless they give me a written warranty stating the system will always work as designed and as advertised when I spend my hard earned money on it.
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    How old was this tech. I don't trust and vro system made up to 1989 but after that they pretty well worked the bugs out of them. That tech must have been from the old way but I am also and the keeping of a vro system largely depends on the owner or not. I do know they are expensive to replace but are simple to check to see if its putting out oil.

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    The upgraded VRO pumps are dependable, They'll give an intermittant warning if things go wrong.

    Servicing the oil tank should be done yearly, but usualy is never done, to clear out any jelled oil or dirt that could clog the screen pick up.