Joe's Doughbait

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    Original post made by Joe Farkas(Joesf) on January 20, 2003

    Joe's Catfish Bait

    1 loaf of wheat bread
    1 patty of Gains Burger Dog Food
    1 pkg stawberry jello
    1 cup cheese (Velveeta, bulk cheese, or limburger)

    Peel the crust off the slices of bread then a little at a time add water and knead it into a dough ball. Then add the remaining ingredients and knead them into the ball.

    I've used all sorts of different ingredients it just depends what smell thier after.

    Here's some ideas to try.
    Powdered Milk
    Hamburger the fattiest you can find
    Chicken Blood use the juice off from some livers.
    Garlic Powder
    Fish food the floating pellets for farm raized fish. I've also use Tetra Goldfish flakes.