Joel's Bite Detector for Catfishing

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    Here I have made a bite detector, simple and easy. Below is the picture of the whole mechanism attatched to my rod-holder, and then description of how it was done.

    The first thing I did was took the metal top off of a floppy disk and cut 2 pieces small enough to fit on the contact points of the clamp (yellow) and connected wires to them. There are many ways to connect the wires, so whichever way u want to, but I cut tem to look like wire connecters that i could crimp down to hold the wire to the metal. After attaching a wire of whatever length to each of the pieces, I super-glued them to the contact points on the clamp. There, that part is finished.


    Now you have to decide what kind of light u are going to use to be the alarm. I used a touch-light like u see advertised on t.v. These take 4 AA batterys, but they will last forever. The bulb is wired with little green wires, so all you have to do is cut 1 wire in half,
    then connect the 2 wires from the clamp to both of those and ya got it. When the clamp is shut, the circuit is closed, meaning if you have the on/off switch on, the light will be on. So when you stick your line in the clamp, the circuit is open, and the light is off, until you get a bite and the fish pulls the line out. I decided to cut the base to a smaller size, but u can do whatever you want about that. Under all that tape is the batterys and wires, but i didn't have anything better to cover them. This will only cause problems when you need to change the batterys or the wires come loose. The clamp needs to be mounted somewhere close to your reel, such as below it on a rodholder or something. I haven't tried it fishin yet, so i dont know how good it works when u get a bite, but it seems to work fine during testing here at home.

    The clamp is also a vacuum attach deal with a plunger thing, so I cut a round piece of plastic that was big enough, screwed it into my rod-holder, and attatched the clamp that way...the vacuum is very strong shocked me because i thought the same thing ur thinkin...but i wasn't able to pull it its strong.

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