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    Some of you may have seen this already but a post on another forum has got me thinking even harder about a few things and I figure what better place to ask then these forums where 10,000 wildlife enthusiasts visit a day. I have a Mechanical Engineering degree and have a steady job, I am newly married, and still fairly young. My question is where is somewhere I can use the designing and my PASSION for hunting and/or fishing in one job?? Every piece of equipment we use was designed somewhere, am I correct?? Ok my next question was, say I wanted to get off the beaten path, what are some other jobs where I can do something with the outdoors? Obviously you have your call making, writers, guides, but more then that, the not so obvious ones. I know they are out there but where and what? Sales? Have to own your own business? I know many say that if you make hunting or fishing your job, you will not want/have time to ENJOY it anymore so let's keep that in mind! Let's hear em' guys it's interesting to hear everyones view/ideas on this!
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    I'm sure all reel manufacturers have MEs on staff. If you design it, you'd probably need to take part in field tests to make sure it was right.:wink: Not sure how many boat manufacturers need MEs, but that would be worth a shot also. Same for any companies that make tree stands, all kinds of stuff.

    Not sure what you're doing now, but I used to work for a material handling company as a systems installer, so I worked with a lot of mech engineers and they worked with a lot of us construction superintendants. Judging from the way people love to customize their boats if you know some good fab guys who can work with aluminum I'd think an engineer could design and patent some custom rod racks, rod holders, etc and get some of his more mechanically talented acquaintances to build/install them. I'd love to have a custom boat modification shop. I'm always hitting my engineer friends up for advice when I'm working on something since they actually know the calcs and design standards while I'm limited to what I "think" will work:smile2: Shoot, you could probably get a decent side business going of just consulting on stuff like that and if the money isn't the most important the good will and free fishing and/or hunting trips (I'm sure hunters would like custom-designed tree stands etc) would be enough to get you some extra cash as well as time in the field.

    Good luck with it! I'd love to figure out the same kind of gig, but unless BPS, Cabelas, or somebody like that needs a distribution system project manager or maintenance director I'm out of luck:eek:oooh: