Jimmy Johnny Returns to Greenwood!!!

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    Pat Chaney
    After about a 1-year hiatus, Jimmy Johnny joined forces with the Shrimpmeister for a very chilly assault on Greenwood :crazy: The temp was 22 degrees when we launched the boat this morning, but we were both fired-up thinking about throwing a major smackdown on those lovely Greenwood channels. Sneaky little devils that they can be, they tried their hardest to hide from us, as we had only 2 bites between 7:30am and 2, even though I drove us all over the place :eek:oooh: Finally, as I was beginning to think that I would have to throw JJ in the lake to appease the catfish gods, we hit upon their hiding place and managed to boat 11 fish in the next 3 hours, with 3 more coming off on the way in to the boat (for a while there I thought I was fishing with Sunbird again :wink:). Nothing big - average size about 3#. Of course, every fish was caught on the Magic Marinated Shrimp :big_smile: Also: Due to the rain, it looks like Greenwood is up about 4 feet!!! Hooray!
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    Good report, Pat! Glad to see y'all got into some!

    Bill in SC

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    Great job guys.:wink: Glad ya put JJ on some channels Pat. He likes'em:big_smile:
  4. JimmyJonny

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    ......Not only was he gonna throw me in but I caught him tying the anchor rope around my ankle . But , by 2ish , thankfully the cats started rockin rods and my life was spared ; )~

    I tell ya, it was cold. I even heard Pat say he was cold.....wow, you know it's cold then . I even saw him lick a shrimp and it stuck to his tongue .

    I've always enjoyed fishin Greenwood with the guys , I can't believe it's been a year since I last fished it ........ Lets make sure in 09 we get together a lot more....deal ?

    Thanks to Pat workin his butt off....and that's no exaggeration , he got us on them . And then with his generosity he let me reel in almost all the fish . I tried to hand him rods but he said " no, no, you go ahead and reel him in ".....thanks buddy .

    Some day I'm gonna have to show them Striper boys on that lake how to run 13 Striper rods and get er done ; )~

    Oh and btw, watch Pat around them Blue Heron,,,when the bit was slow he was wondering how a Heron would taste , LOL .