Jim Edgar Panther Creek?

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    Has anyone here fished it for Catfish? I have fished the large lake (Prairie?) for bass, but it was about three years ago. I have not been back since. I had heard that there was a good Channel Cat population, but then I heard that people were hauling out "wash tub" sized loads of them a the lake was filling. Is there any truth to that? I know that it is very deep, with lots of timber. Where would you recommend starting for Channels? Also, as I remember, it was tough to fish because of all of the vegetation on the surface on the one end of the lake. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    i know this is a late response to this but i fished gridley lake last september during the opener for dove season and we were just hammering the catfish but we were using bobbers and small pieces of cut shad and caught alot of two to three pounders with a couple in the eight pound range

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    I fish there quite a bit, Prairie, Gridley, and Drake lakes. Lots of good eaters in all of them. Gridley probably has the biggest ones. I have heard of reports of 20 pounders being pulled from there. I mostly fish off of the over hang at Gridley. Might head out there tonight. Drake Lake has some points off of the trail that goes around that has produced some good numbers the last couple of years (they might still be under water at this point with all the rain). My choice would be either Prairie,(off the bank to the left of the boat ramp) and Gridley overhang. Good luck!!:smile2: