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  1. txcatfisher

    txcatfisher New Member

    i like to jig alot if im not catfishing and i think i have bought every jig i have found and have even made my own what is the jig for crappie
  2. tufffish

    tufffish New Member

    i have been trying jigs and have not had much luck. people tell me they work good, but i can't prove it. minnows are the best for me. i am gonna keep trying jigs until i figure them out.

  3. Drawout

    Drawout Active Member

    Sounds like you are trying to hard,in this heat you have to fish them slow and have light line to detect the soft bites.
  4. Little Bill

    Little Bill New Member

    I like the Panfish Assassins under a cork around grass beds. But Lately i have been doing really well on Southern Pro Triple Tip Grubs in Pumpkin seed and chautreuse or black and chaurtreuse Throw it out and work it slow around structure. Most of the time like a chartreuse jig head 1/16 ounce or i make my on homemade jig heads. It mainly depends on the time of year and what the Fish are doing that particular day. Early in the year Panfish assassins are hard to beat. My dad and I would catch 5 to1 compared to others around us.
  5. Duckpoor

    Duckpoor New Member

    I am stuck on Tube lures.
    The last few years , unless we are fishing Deep deep.. we been using Light weight lead heads that slide right in the tubes.. generally 32nd or 1/16th oz.
    I like to fish them in tandum about 12-14" apart.

    We tie the upper one on with a Palomar Knot and leave a long tail free.
    On the tail of that line, I use a Improved Chinch to tie the second.
    I like Brown and orange.. and red and black for Gills . Rip Rap and Craws seem to go together.

    Blue with a sliver shirt and Watermellon and chartruce for crappie depending on the stain in the water.

    I am turning on to Bill English's Fox Fire Jigs, slowly... They glow in the dark with a charge of light.. and as "hookie" as it seems are about to convince me..almost.

    Thanks to all for sharing your favs.
  6. canebreaker

    canebreaker Well-Known Member

    Try the "baitpump"
    suppose to improve the bite when compared without using it.
    I'm getting a couple of them for my boat soon, wish it was in today's mail.
    I mostly troll, 6 poles with 6 jigs on each, 1 foot apart. First jig is 7 foot from surface, bottom at 12, 3 oz. sinker 1 foot lower at bottom of rig. Every jig has a different color tube. Mostly with chart. tails.
    One trip will see all bites coming on 1 jig, pink/chart., the next will be blue/chart. I'll change out colors and depth for more bites.
  7. Stevej

    Stevej New Member

    East-central Mississippi
    I like to use tubes with the bait pump also, works great. But sometimes they seem to like a different look so I like to have at least one or two poles with a curly tail grub, I spider rig. I really like the Curly Shad and the only bad thing about them is the color selection so I have bought a selection of Shapies and use them to color the like color Curly Shad. Works great.
  8. south_va_fisherman

    south_va_fisherman New Member

    Muddy Cross, Virginia
    I only use jigs. Never catch anything with minnows, but when i tie on a chartreuse panfish jig i catch tons and big brim. ususally with a 1/64 ounce jig head.
  9. zappaf19

    zappaf19 New Member

    All I use is a red and white tube on a .32 jig. I have caught bass, cats gills etc on that combo. I will cast out under a pier and let it go to the bottom then reel in SLOW. A friend of mine and myself caught 32 fri. doing that.
  10. jtrew

    jtrew New Member

    Little Rock, AR
    I don't crappie fish a lot, but one of my tricks is to have both minnows and jigs on hand when I do. When the bite slows off on one, switching to the other often causes the bite to pick back up. But I'm generally crappie fishing pretty much straight down, rather than casting out or trolling. So, I want the type of jig that uses a bent hook that causes the jig to hang level when it's hanging straight down; and I want maribou hair rather than a tube or curlytail, because I can use a very slight rocking motion with my hand to give action to the jig. Tubes and curlytails work great when being reeled or trolled through the water, but they're really not made to be used in an almost motionless situation.
  11. Cornmeal and Catfish

    Cornmeal and Catfish New Member

    Covington, Louisiana
    The panfish assasins are good. I've caught on the red/green combo. I've had some big fish hit them too but they popped my 4lb test before I ever had a chance to see them.

    I like a 2" tube Black/chart, blue/clear/red, silver, blue glitter; yellow/clear/red glitter