Jiggin for channel catfish

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by ragincajun19, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. ragincajun19

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    I used to tear up the flounder on jigs with either a mud minnow or a slice of flounder belly meat when I was in Florida. I don't see why a fresh piece of cut bait on a jig worked really slow around structure wouldn't work very well. It would allow you to cover a ton of water looking for active fish. hmmm....Anyone ever tried this with any luck?
  2. slikk03

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    i dont know about channels, but at low head dams you can get flatheads on them, get a hevy jig and let the water movw the jig in the fishes mouth got a few ten pounders this summer like that,

  3. Jeremy Sheffey

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    Columbus, Ohio
    i was talking to a guy on here the other day, that uses shrimp on a jig to catch channels. i dont know why it wouldnt work, only thing is you would need to work it really slowly. catfish find by scent first then sight. they can't locate baits that are moving really quickly overly fast. a flat head will demolish a bream or other bait fish, but they are usually looking for one that is injured or acting as such. the mimicking of a injured and dying bait fish while on the jig would produce as much reason for a strike as the scent. JMO
  4. afishpatrol

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    I'v had some pretty good channels and flats on jigs tipped with 1/2 a crawler while walleye fishing thru the summer months, and some real nice flats and channels, ripping jigging spoons in deep water thru the winter months. cold weather/water it has always been tipped with either a minnow, minnow head, or a verry small strip of fresh fillet like a 1/4'' wide and 1.5 to 2'' long to give the appearance on a small minnow.
  5. Catmanblues

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    Caught some real nice size flatheads on the jigs.
  6. slikwiska

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    northern IN
    I used to catch channels accidentally on jigs while walleye fishing so I switched to chub chunks and targeted them with good results. I also jig cats out of deep cold water and through the ice in lakes. Thats when its really hot. I have also caught channels on spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits, plastic worms and a 12 lb flathead on a jig n pig....thought I had the state record bass for a second. I fish with a guy who caught one on a topwater. He was catching big schooling white bass and he said he could see cats picking off the wounded shad the whites would miss but still 'bout crapped when one picked off his chugger!
  7. cantstopgrandma

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    Its not really a jig, but i caught several nice channel cats on inline spinners (similar to a mepps) this summer. I was having a slow day catfishing and decided to go into the shallows to catch some white perch in the afternoon. Caught more, and bigger catfish using that spinner than i did with bait. That was great on my light perch rod with 8 pound test. I know what i'm doing in the dead of summer next year when the catfishing gets slow. I love to hear them taking drag, its exciting.

    I used to think catching catfish on artificials was rare, not anymore. I see it more all the time. I think the key is to find actively feeding catfish, in the right set of circumstances. Then you gotta find something that looks like food to them (not that they're picky by any means).
  8. rwg

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    When i'm crappie fishing in the spring, I catch several channels in a trip, I'm
    using crappie tube jigs, and fish with a 10 foot Quantum pullin rod, I've had the tips of my crappie rods broken by channels that yank my pole down into the tree and snap it off. sometimes i get big carp doing this, theyare like hooking a truck. The biggest i got last springwas a nice 8lbs
    of frisky channel. I think they follow the shad up the river like the crappie and white bass and the wipers, even when thewater is cold (40/50 degrees) they are up the river feeding