Jhonson 60hp oil injected ? plugs and oil injection? ADVICE NEEDED

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by team salmon, May 4, 2009.

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    O.k. this is what I'm needing some guidence with - first I've only had my pontoon about 2mo.- I've had it on the water about 1/2 doz times - first thing I have learned is that from the time I start it till I put it back on the trailer the vent cap has to be open to keep it from pushing fuel and flooding it - here is what else I've somewhat heard and I need to see - I just changed the plugs and the book says the gap should be .03inch - the plugs that were in it had anywhere from .04 to .045 - the boat runs great when it gets to speed but has problems starting sometimes - can the incorrect gap be part of that problem - also I just replace the fuel line and the piece that connects the fuel line to the motor - I baught a jhonson piece but the old one almost looked like the hole that the fuel is to run thru was a little bigger - the new one fits much tighter than the old - could this also be part of the starting issue - the last thing I would like to know is should my line for the oil injection also be disconnected while the boat is out of the water and not in use - any thoughts or advice would be greatly appriciated - if there's anything anyone else can think of that I should try also please let me know - thank you oh ya, I haven't had it out on the water since I've made these repairs but I just want to have an idea of what else to look at if this doesn't help resolve the situation:confused2:
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    leave the oil line connected,,, you dont want any oil to get in that line!! the dia of the fuel line isnt too imporyant on a 60hp, is it a butterfly choke or an enricher system?...the omc carb motore will ALWATS start easier-quicker when the motor is trimed all the way DOWN.

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    Not that you can't get the help you need here,but there is a sit [iboats.com] that has a ton of help on outboars and general boating questions.it's free to join and has a ton of boating forums.hope this helps.