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I was wandering what the disadvantages of a jet tunnel hull were.As far as I know the advantages are to lift the motor intake above the hull to prevent collision.To provide a steady flow of water into the intake.And to gain a couple inches of draft on plane.Im lookin at a sea ark 2072 jet tunnel with floatation pods and a 115/80 yamaha 4st outboard.Im more concerned with draft on drift than on plane. Would a 3 deg. hull draft less on drift because it displaces more water? Would the float pods offsett the difference? Is there a difference in wich can jump on plane quicker? Would the tunnel cavitate more in a moderate chop? Which would handle better?Im so confused I spoke to alot of people about this and got a mixed bag of answers??:eek:oooh:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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