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Discussion in 'Boating' started by duckalot, May 12, 2007.

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    I like to fish a small river here close to home Two or three times a year. We use a 4 wheeler to launch a small 14 foot Jon and 9.9 motor off a sand bar we have private access to. We are limited to a small stretch of river and buy July in gets pretty shallow in places. My question is, If I buy a jet drive out board say a 25 or 30 hp. can I put it on any Jon boat or does it need a tunnel. I have connections with a guy who welds aluminum, so if the transom needs beefed up or raised I can take care of that. I would just like to spend a little more time on this small river with out bending up props. I have kinda been looking around for a plain Jon already set up with a jet but you just don't see them around here. I have been told that there is to much sand they won't last. Just fishing for info Thanks!
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    For a jet with tiller steering, I prefer a jon w/o tunnel...the weight of the engine and operator is considerable, and a tunnel gives up enough buoyancy to make the stern sit pretty low in the water. I ended up putting a console on mine, and buying an engine with electric start, just to get the weight distribution I needed.

    I don't know about the sand, although I suspect if someone insists on running with the intake right against the bottom, it would wear down the impeller. I think ss impellers are available, but not sure.

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    You do not need a tunnel at all. Know that a 30 jet will get you about 20hp, as you lose about 1/3 power compared to a prop. I don't know where you are in Missouri, but I thought it was the jet capital of the world. I have bought 2 there and looked at several hundred. In St. Louis area (Troy) try Cooks Marina and talk to Shawn. I drove from Ohio twice to deal with them. If down in the southern part of the state I found a couple in the Rolla/ St. James area. Use this internet and soon you can fish the Big Piney, the Little Piney, the Current, etc... The only way sand will affect you is if you trey to get started in six inches of water and suck it up, or if there is a lot of sand in the water at the surface. By that I mean you would have to feel gritty when you rubbed your fingers together when you put them in the water. Heck, it might even sharpen your impeller!

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    I probably will never own a prop again!